Buying Less Helps the Environment

Buying Less Helps the Environment
Stefan Ivanovic

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Stefan Ivanovic

Feb 15, 2019

If you really want to help the environment buy less stuff.

Every spring, summer, autumn, winter – a new clothes collection. And that’s from every fashion company that you buy from. Think about all the fashion fads that are making a comeback. Do you really want to try to keep up? With all the environmental damage that’s doing?

Read this before you go sales shopping: the environmental costs of fast fashion

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

It’s really the principle that should be on your mind with every item you buy. Buying a non-recyclable plastic is just plain lazy and it will leave a bigger footprint that you could have imagined. If you have no emotion towards the problem, you are probably a climate-change denier and selfish.

If you don’t support environmentally irresponsible company, it will lose the possibility to act so, and therefore it will be forced to reduce impact on our environment. It is worth saying again: If you don’t buy something, then you are not contributing to climate change and environmental damage; you are also saving money. Isn’t that magical?

Quality is actually a great way to protect the environment. You are probably buying more than a few T-shirts every summer, but you still wear the one you paid a lot. It still looks good, the color is still perfect and it manages to look new every year. On the other side, those cheap T-shirts are maybe OK to wear inside of your home or in the garden.

I used to buy a pair of winter shoes a few years in a row, because I wanted to save money. Then I decided to buy really expensive ones, and I wear them 3 years in a row and don’t have a plan on changing them.

Don’t forget that all the things that you don’t want to wear, can be donated.

What makes it a little harder is donating the things in your house: beds, tables, chairs, dishes. That’s why you have to pick the materials and quality that will not decay and require replacements every couple of years. You know how old people say ‘they used to make things better’?

I refuse to believe that with today’s tech that’s true. There’s just more on the market and many chose the cheaper option, without thinking how it will cost them more down the road.

One of the most important things you can do it your quest to help the environment is go vegan. Not vegetarian, vegan. If you are interested more about the impact of meat-based diet on the environment, see a movie – Cowspiracy.

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