Caboolture Property is Growing Like Never Before

Caboolture Property is Growing Like Never Before
Marta Lanz

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Marta Lanz

Mar 13, 2019

If you are considering relocating to Caboolture in Australia, here’s a run-down on why the locals love it and what you should consider if you are planning to buy property in the area.


Located at the northern end of Brisbane, Caboolture has transformed in recent times into a thriving suburb with a constantly growing population. What once used to be a small town, today is an urban center which includes the former villages of Bellmere, Morayfield, and Burpengary.

In fact, the suburb is one of the largest growing centers in the state of Queensland. The fast development of Caboolture is evident in the government’s decision to build an additional state school. This will be the eleventh state school in the area that is planned to meet the growing requirements of the fast-increasing population of young families.

People in Caboolture

Many years ago, Caboolture was mainly populated by retirees. However, in the past few years, affordable real estate prices have made the suburb attractive to families with young children. The statistics show, most of the residents are older couples and families (17%), established couples and families (15.9%), as well as maturing couples and families (12.5%). The community also includes many retirees, professionals, singles, and country lovers.

Lifestyle in Caboolture

The booming development of the area has also attracted many businesses. In the past, locals needed to travel for some of their specific shopping needs. Now the outer suburbs of Caboolture are filled with shopping centers, hardware store sand specialty mega-stores.

For those that don’t like shopping in megastores, Caboolture has kept its charm and offers a number of Country Markets. These markets are held on Sundays typically starting from 5 am. The markets sell everything from lawnmowers to homemade jams, all at very affordable prices.

Despite the fast growth, the center of the town remains relatively compact. All the bars, restaurants and shops, as well as the main square and the municipal buildings, are located west of the railway station. Mega shopping centers, along with the industrial areas, are mostly located outside the town, in Morayfield.

Convenience isn’t the only upside for Caboolture. It’s great for outdoor lovers too. The suburb offers a number of parks and recreational spaces. Its proximity to Moreton Bay offers opportunities for fishing and boating. The beaches of Sunshine Coast are perfect for surfers, whereas Bribie Island and the Glasshouse Mountainsdazzle with their natural beauty.

There is also ahistorical village located in the Showgrounds where you can see restored buildings. All these amazing places can be reached in under an hour.

The only thing that Caboolture doesn’t offer is an exciting nightlife but that’s considered a plus for many locals who like the quiet and peaceful lifestyle.

Homes in Caboolture

Besides affordability, one of the main reasons for the booming growth of the area is its convenience. Caboolture has a great public transport system. The main railway line connects the suburb to Brisbane, whereas another line connects it to Nambour and Gympie.

With Brisbane to its south and the Sunshine Coast to the north, many housing estates are replacing the traditional dairy farms in the region. Many investors are opting to buy and renovate, creating a modern, beachy feel for the properties, while keeping them up to modern day energy efficient standards.

Average property Prices in Caboolture

According to the latest data, the median price for a house in Caboolture is $346,000. If you want to rent a house, the average price is a $340per week. The average price of units is $199,000 to buy and $275per week to rent.

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