How To Create A Newsletter For The Needs Of Your Site

How To Create A Newsletter For The Needs Of Your Site
Srdjan Kali

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Srdjan Kali

Apr 24, 2019

It's not that hard!

Creating a newsletter for your site can be a great way to inform your faithful visitors about new products, services, and actions, and make them return to your site again. But how to get started? How can you create a newsletter yourself? Believe me, it's not that hard! Here's what you should do!


Choose an email marketing platform

Your first step in this venture is to choose the email marketing platform. Regardless of whether you want to send automated e-mails that you created from the content of your site or to create custom templates for sending each week or month, most services have what you need. The difference is in the features and price that suits you.

There are hundreds of fantastic e-mail marketing services, we will give you a couple of examples, the most popular ones.


This popular platform is the safest option for beginners. It offers many options that will be of use to you, it is free of charge for a list of up to 2,000 contacts and sending 12,000 emails monthly. It's perfect if you're not sure if you will use this type of marketing in the future.



GetResponse is an affordable all-in-one platform that includes email marketing, automation and landing page design.


Constant Contact

Constant Contact aims to provide marketing for small businesses. It's easy to create beautiful newsletters with drag-and-drop editors.

Select content and create a template

Did you select an email marketing platform? With it, you probably got templates that you can personalize to suit your brand. Although this step will vary depending on the platform you have chosen, here are some things to keep in mind when creating a newsletter template.

1. "Subject line" is the most important part of the email. Do not waste time here; Draw attention, offer or create panic in your title.

2. Create an intrigue! Use teasers for blogs or products; Promise something to a user if you visit your site, like, for example, exclusively for the latest posts or products.

3. Do not forget your call to action! Take them to the site using the CTA button that can not be missed.

4. Limit the frequency of sending emails, but make sure you are consistent. More than one newsletter per week can upset readers while sending less than one in a month can lead to a loss of interest.

5. Use images. An e-mail with text content is boring. Insert a large image to draw attention and place it in the main content of the newsletter.

Collect subscribers

When you have a solid template with which to work and set up your automation, you need to collect some subscribers. Do not forget to legitimately get them through your site; Buying lists from an email address is not worth it because you are risking your domain name is blacklisted.

For the very beginning, place the application form on all pages of your site! Promote it at the end of your blogs and add the form to the footer of the site. Set up a pop-up window that will activate when users come to the end of the article or when they want to close the window with your site.

Attract new users to a prize game or a free coupon. Give them a reason to apply themselves.

If you do not write blogs, consider the option to start. A quality blog can attract traffic to your site, which means more chances to get subscribers to your newsletter! If you do not have time to write blogs and send a newsletter, ask for an offer.

And make sure the registration process is as flawless. The form must be available and visible on each page. Avoid having too many fields in the form. In a nutshell, make it easier to find and even more easy to fill.

Creating a reliable email

Starting a newsletter can take you a lot of time, but it will pay off as soon as you see the results. The newsletter will retain old visitors who may have forgotten your site, while a new one appears in the process.

If you want to make a little more engagement with your visitors, start a weekly or monthly newsletter and watch people return to your site and make a conversion.

With so many e-marketing platforms, anyone can create a newsletter.


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