With Praise To Employee Satisfaction

With Praise To Employee Satisfaction
Srdjan Kali

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Srdjan Kali

May 4, 2019

Praise is one of the most powerful awards.

To give positive feedback or to praise someone means to support and confirm the commitment of team members. While it is true that employees work primarily to provide certain financial resources, it is certain that for the sake of confirmation or recognition they will always be ready to do something more.

The readiness to make a good word and positive criticism does not mean that you should be dedicated at any time without a real cause. The efficiency of praise in the workplace is manifested in numerous segments.

Below we will reveal to you all the fields in which it has a great impact.


Employees can be motivated in various ways. Praise, as one of them, appears at the very top when it comes to estimating motivational assets by employees. Motivation caused by praise always starts for further work.

Managers are those from whom the main motivational wave starts. If we encourage an employee to have an adequate approach, we will gain a lot of his engagement, but also on the willingness to be firmly committed to the welfare of the firm. Of course, there is no universal method for awakening motivation. You should approach colleagues individually, but be sure that after compliment nobody will remain indifferent.


The success of the company depends largely on the ability of the manager to maintain a high-quality workforce. The praise involves evaluating, approving and certifying someone's behavior and advocacy. When we praise someone's work, it is important that this is directed to realistic procedures and results.

If the work of the management department is good, this will reflect the level of effort and engagement of employees. That the praise has undeniable value is proved by numerous studies that indicate that it is possible to induce certain behaviors, but also to manage them. The fact that individual behaviors and high level of engagement are retained is significantly influenced by the evaluation of employees by the manager.


It is true that every compliment makes us feel appreciated and worthwhile. Get off of yourself. If you are in an incentive environment and who acknowledges your work, the sense of belonging is guaranteed. Furthermore, if employees are truly experiencing themselves as part of the team, it is clear that the possibility of absenteeism and fluctuation will be reduced.

Build a sense of value among employees means and provide an environment that they will not want to leave. By acknowledging someone's work through praise and positive feedback we achieve the satisfaction and sense of belonging in the long-term.


Employee satisfaction is one of the most challenging categories when it comes to research in the work environment. True, satisfaction is difficult to achieve, but it is almost elusive. Also, when we provide it, the question arises as to how to keep it.

How can our employees stay permanently satisfied with their own work, their working position, and business environment? It's important to make a difference. A satisfied colleague does not have to be both adequately engaged and vice versa. If one works a lot, and with this job performs well, lack of praise will significantly affect the emergence of demotivation and the lack of intellectual and emotional satisfaction in the workplace.


The confirmation of someone's work has multiple effects on employees. Therefore, it works in the long-term and on many other aspects of the business. Ensuring a higher level of engagement and productivity means ensuring greater profitability and customer satisfaction. The presence of praise leads to successful management of work performance that further raises the level of profitability.

Employees whose efforts are recognized will work more effectively, which is in direct connection with the satisfaction of those with whom we operate. It is imperative that, with the successful mastering of all previous fields, there will be significant financial results that are further reflected both on the company itself and on the employees.


Better human resources management requires effective engagement. It is considered that most engaged is the employee who in his working environment feels a high level of satisfaction and commitment.

The praise is certainly one of the most important motives that you will successfully accomplish all of the above. While it is important to always be based on a realistic and rational basis, make a sure affirmation of your employees' work becomes an integral part of your team.

Let first notice the positive qualities and situations become a habit. Look at the good and respect it. Then, learn that by evaluating someone's work, you always speak consistently and aloud about good. Be convinced that the awareness is that our work is noted and appreciated the sure way to successful career development and satisfaction in the work environment.

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