Write A Business Blog - Yes Or No?

Write A Business Blog - Yes Or No?
Srdjan Kali

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Srdjan Kali

May 9, 2019

How do you know if you need a blog?

A business, corporate or company blog is a section on a website where all blog articles are stored. However, not all sites have this section. But lately, it seems to be a necessary part of the website if the brand or company wants to achieve better online visibility and a better visit to their website.

How does a company blog contribute to it? If you identify well what are the keywords that are common in your industry or are related to it and if you use them sufficiently in the texts you post on your blog, search engines will rank your site better in search and potential customers or buyers will it's easier to find among countless similar ones on the Internet.

If you think that this is not particularly important and that people will find out about you through other channels of communication and visit you without prior notice via Google, you may be right in there.

Whether keeping a business blog for you depends on the following items:

  • in which you are a business branch;
  • what kind of product or service you offer;
  • who your consumers are (or what consumers want to attract if you are new to the market).


How do you know if you need a blog? This can help you to see different aspects of your business from a different angle.

Could you possibly own a local beauty salon or a mechanic garage? Or are you perhaps the founder of a law office or are you running your dental office? Or are you in the hospitality industry and operating a hotel or restaurant?

Who are your customers or consumers? Are your clients mostly a local population? Or do people come from all over the city? Or maybe only locals come to you, but would you rather like to read more and more about you?

Would you describe your customers or buyers as Internet users? Or as social network users? Would you be looking for them through internet searches or through social networks?

Do you sell some products in addition to basic services? Or are you just specialized in trade?

Are you satisfied with the current scope of your work or would you prefer to increase your customers?

After you find the answers to all these questions, you will also get an answer to the question from the title.


Let's say you've decided to finally launch a blog. But, here again, some obstacles have been left in front of you. Could it seem to you that today everyone writes and that you do not have absolutely anything new to add or contribute? If you think that, we must tell you that you are wrong. It is possible to approach one and the same topic in different ways and share your unique and individual experience.

At the very beginning, when it comes to blogging, focus on writing texts on topics that are strictly related to your business. Within these articles, you can also present your products or services with a call to action leading to the sales pages on your site. In this way, you attract potential customers, because if they have visited your blog, they are most likely looking for what you offer. If you present your offer in detail, you will leave the impression of a serious business that knows what it is doing and people will give you their trust.

In order to stand out as experts in your work, devote to writing and professional texts. Do not just publish promotional texts because it will quickly refuse your readers. Use a business dictionary, but be careful not to use too much business jargon. The best solution is to use simple terms and explain things so that everyone can understand them, not just colleagues from the industry.

Also, after posting a few articles on the blog, report on the social networks that you have launched the blog. If you have a "News" section on your site, also publish the news about the newly created blog. Remember that whenever a new article is conceived, share it with your companions and social networks. In this way, you will know that you have new content by clicking on a link with, for example, a Facebook page, going directly to your new article.

When the source of ideas dries up, you can turn to the news from your industry. Get the latest news and newsletters with your accompanying comment. Try to make it original content, not copying a word from word to word from another site. Google will recognize this, which can lead to the penalization of your site. Simply put, your site will not be well listed in searches if you copy other content. And that's what we do not want.

Interview prominent people from your industry. Prepare questions in advance and schedule an interview. Determine the direction you want the conversation to take, but leave an open space for that person to give their opinions and maybe lead an interview in some other direction that you did not plan but which would open up new issues and space for further discussion.

You can present your employees. This presentation can be in a text form, in the form of an interview, and the employees themselves can write about themselves or about one of their typical working days. You can also capture video clips that will further bring you closer and create a more realistic image of your brand and the people behind it. When people know who is behind the cold corporate facade, it will be easier to connect with you.

What to do if you already tried it all and wrote it and do not have any more inspiration? Simply ask your customers what they would like to see on your blog. You can do this via a Facebook page, using Twitter status or Instagram stories. In this way, you will get concrete answers from real people and so find out what is particularly interesting, confusing or frustrating your target group.

Whatever you write, try to make it meaningful and useful information. Do not write just for writing, and do not start the blog just because it's "all right now".


There are many examples of companies that do not have just one particular writing person, but everyone is a bit concerned. This is a good tactic for writing as much content as possible, especially if employees are dealing with different business segments. But the problem with so arranged writing is that it can lead to texts of uneven quality. Also, many can postpone writing their article because it does not really work out their hands or is something they enjoy in particular.

If you feel that your employees are too busy to alternately write and separate time for that, finding a person whose job will be just writing and managing the blog would be a good move. Also, since more active blogs are more noticeable by Google and other search engines, you need to have a blog that will be updated regularly, and not, say, once in three months.

The good idea is that you have a plan and a strategy for a longer period of time in terms of publishing articles on the blog. It is not good to publish the elemental and occasionally. Consistency is crucial when keeping the blog in question.

Content writers are people who are professionally involved in writing texts intended for publishing on the Internet. In addition to writing blog articles, these writers can also compile texts for the rest of your site, e.g. for sections "About Us", text for your sales page, and more. Those writers are called copywriters. What distinguishes these writers is that besides talent for writing, they also know the proofreading and correction, so that the whole process of preparing and arranging texts can be done by themselves.

Content Writers also have knowledge of blog platforms, most commonly about WordPress, which is the most popular and most widely distributed. Of course, in order for your blog and, therefore, the web site to be found in the results of Google Search, you also need to make sure to optimize your search engine optimization, SEO. When it comes to SEO, you must take into account the links between your articles or links to external sources, or more specifically to other websites. Also, behind a blog article, there are many other settings that greatly affect its positioning on the Internet search engines. Whether you will be on the first or 101st of the Goals is of great importance to your business and it is up to you to decide if you will make additional effort and resources.

If you are present on social networks, content writers can also be guided by your profiles, sharing news and blog articles, answering questions from the followers, and building your online image. It is necessary to take care of these profiles as more and more people are being informed through them. In some cases, social network profiles are better optimized than official sites and people visit them more often. It is therefore important that you are very active there too.

The easiest way to determine if your blog is needed is to compile a list for and against. Think carefully about all the resources available to you and whether you want to invest them exclusively in the blog. Now that you are familiar with the basics of business blogging, you know that plenty of time, work and creativity are needed to keep your blog content quality and interest your audience. A corporate blog is not a bit like a personal blog, where you just need to sit down for a computer or laptop and download your own thoughts and observations.

Keeping a corporate blog requires prior detailed research, keyword research from your industry, serious approach to article structuring and compulsory proofreading and proofreading. Using a dictionary that is suitable for a business environment is also important. This is another of the many differences between a personal, blog, and business blog.

If you think you have everything you need and if you think your blog will significantly improve business results, just go ahead. If you are unsure whether you can manage your blog yourself, you can always have agencies that offer a professional blogging service.



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