Whats happening when we are kissing?

Whats happening when we are kissing?
Dusan Djordjevic

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Dusan Djordjevic

May 16, 2019

What is happening when we are kissing each other, do we really have butterfly's in our stomack?

Kisses are the most natural way of showing love, but they are both healing at the same time. Here are a few reasons why kissing is good for physical and mental health. So, love yourself.
The only rule that applies when kissing is that there is no rule for a good kiss. He just happens. Sexologists argue that the key thing about kissing is to be courageous and determined, especially with the most important, first kiss.

But did you know that a kiss has an extraordinary effect on physical health? A study by Russian scientists has shown that the kiss has at least seven different positive influences on the psychophysical condition. For many years, scientists have argued about the point of kissing, since it is not clear to them what their evolutionary meaning is. Numerous anthropologists consider that kissing has developed from snores, which is explained by the fact that even today some nations (like Eskimos), instead of kissing, rub their noses, which is common in the animal world.

During the kiss, our body realises oxitocin, dopamine, and serotonine. We feel more relaxed, happier and more satisfied. In one kiss we use between 2 and 34 face musculars! On this way they are lifting and training. One minut of kissing spends between 2 and 26 callories.
Kissing reduces level of cortisol, stress hormone. After kissing we feel succesfull and more worth then before.
Experts are saying that kissing raises feel of joy in relationship and that happy couple are kissing very often.
Kissing is speeding heart beating, It spreads blood vessels and reduces blood presure. Spreading blood vessels also helps with some pains, like headache or stomach cramps.

Fluid exchange improves the immune system becouse it exposes the organism to new microorganisms.
Also, we are secrate more fluid which helps that our mouth be health, becouse it rinses our teeths and stops caries and other sick's.
Kissing reduces alergic reactions, if you have alergy on pollen or dust we recommend you to kiss a lot.

And last, not less important.

Geography of kisses

The French kiss is certainly the best known in the world, although experts say he has nothing to do with France. But the French are very well-ranked on the ladder of the "best kiss". This "list" is sovereignly ruled by Europeans, who in several polls have been proclaimed as the best lovers. The results of the new research show that the Japanese are the most persuasive in this skill and do not attach much importance to such an exchange of tenderness. Indians, for example, love to love, but only at home. Even 97% argue that you would never kiss on the street. Anthropologists consider that some Finnish tribes even considered the kiss an impartial act, and this "rule" is still valid today in some African and Middle Eastern countries. The Chinese, for example, call the so-called "wet kiss" a rather terrifying scene. Scientists claim that as much as 10% of the human population does not give any importance to kissing, while it is so important for Germans to have over thirty different kissing words in the vocabulary.
Americans think they should ask a person they want to kiss if she wants it, while the Italians have a spontaneous kiss, with a long, sensual look, the best "recipe" for conquest. Australians believe that kissing is best after sex, while Serbs are divided. Namely, 50% of the kiss is of great importance, while the other half thinks that other things are more important.

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