Revolutionizing Online Community Management through use of innovative chaincode, hyperchain and blockchain technology

What is GLBrain?

Chaincode for Total Privacy and Data Control

GLBrain’s revolutionary Chain Code Technology offers to private and business users all community management functions ranging from communication, presentation, content-sharing, online marketing and advertising to geographical filtering, auto-translation.

Hyperchains for Customized Community Management

GLBrain’s unique Hyper Chain Technology allows customized community management for all kind of large communities ranging from local online marketplaces to rural development communities, NGO`s and environmental communities to all kind of smart communities like smart cities and governments.

Blockchain for total Trust and Transparency

GLBrain's special Ledger and Blockchain Technology allows pushing data for smart agreements, certifications and transactions onto a internal ledger and from there onto an external, blockchain-based record system.

This “External Receipt Ledger”, based on the SkyFiber protocol, gives users even more control and security in the management of their data.

Chaincode, Hyperchain and Blockchain Technology raising Social Networking, Online Marketing and Community Management to new levels

For details please read the Patent Pending here or watch this short Video

The GLB Coin

Use of GLB

  • Buy GLBrain services at a discount

    Professional Profiles

    Additional space for your online storefront

    Advertising Banners along with GLBrain content

  • Get rewarded in GLB for

    Bringing your community and followers to GLBrain

    Create and share GLBrain content in GLBrain and over all other social networks and earn money form all sharing revenues derived from adverts shown with your content

  • Create and operate large communities

    Buy customized chain for all kind of complex community management requirements

    Get your own private blockchain and crypto Currency for your community

  • Trade GLB

    On various crypto exchanges

    Buy STO Coins for a special discount price during the STO Presales Phase

Coin Allocation

The total supply of GLB is 300,000,000. A total of 120,000,000 coins (or 40% of the total supply) will be sold as part of the Pre-and OTC Sale and IEO.

  • total coin supply: 300,000,000

    Coin price:

    0.1 USD
  • IEO Phase 1 Price: 0.085 USD

    5.9M GLB

    500,000 USD
  • IEO Phase 2 Price: 0.09 USD

    13.9M GLB Cap:

    1.25 Million USD
  • IEO Phase 3 Price: 0.095 USD

    63.2 M GLB Cap:

    6 Million USD

Use of Funds

Already Funded

2.1M USD

  • Already completed:
  • Back-end Development of Chaincode System
  • Development of Hyperchain System
  • Development of Blockchain
  • Development of Internal Receipt Ledger
  • Filing International Patent
  • Agreements and onboarding first big communities
  • 50.000 + registered users
  • 300.000 + monthly visitors

Direct Investment Presale


IEO 1-3




  • Use of Funds:
  • Marketing for community management on all levels
  • UAE Marketing with LEAD
  • Running the IEO / STO Campaign
  • Expanding server capacity
  • Building the Smart agreement ETR Ledger and mobile wallets
  • Expansion of technical and marketing team
  • Building the so called UN Token to be used to help solving the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals). This Token will have a very special mining process based on poor peoples needs and measurable environmental improvements.

The Team

  • Dr. Wolfgang Pinegger


    Mr. Pinegger holds degrees in Law and Marketing and has more than 30 years of experience in the machine building, banking, logistics, renewable energy and IT Industry. Extensive travelling all over the globe gave him an outstanding knowledge and understanding of the changes and challenges the world is facing.

  • Carolin Pinegger

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Ms. Pinegger holds a MBA degree in International Marketing of Rollins College Orlando USA. She became a professional golfer, and worked for 2+ years as Partnership Manager for Leadbetter Golf Academy. She was involved in GLBrain from the early days for all marketing issues.

  • Dr. Carlo Maragliano

    Blockchain Team Leader

    Dr. Maragliano is an engineer and entrepreneur, with a strong expertise in blockchain technologies and applications. Dr. Carlo successfully completed multiple ICOs. Dr. Maragliano holds a Ph.D. degree from Masdar Institute and studied in prestigious American colleges like MIT and Boston University.

  • Djordje Susic

    Lead Developer

    Mr. Susic holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the University in Belgrade, Serbia. He has 15 years of experience in programming, coding and multi–platform programming and worked on the GLBrain project since the very beginning in 2012.

  • Vladimir Povolny

    Development Team Leader

    Mr. Povolny holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from the university in Belgrade, Serbia. He has 14 years of experience in programming, software building and system administration and worked on the GLBrain project since the very beginning in 2012 and is the Technical and Development Team Leader since 2014.

  • Aleksandar Sofranac

    Art Director

    Mr. Sofranac holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from the University in Belgrade, Serbia. He has 12 years of experience in Art Design and related programming and worked on the GLBrain project since the very beginning in 2012.

The Advisory Board

  • Brandon Synth


    Synth, one of the earliest contributors behind Bitcoin, started Skycoin 8 years ago with the vision of creating a flawless blockchain technology. He sits on the advisory board of several successful cryptocurrency projects. Synth has a background in mathematics, Distributed Systems and symbolic logic.

  • Dr. Walter Schwimmer

    Advisor and Mentor

    Mr. Schwimmer holds a PHD in Law. After a long and successful political career in the Austrian Parliament he was elected as Secretary General of the Council of Europe in 1999 and held this position until 2004. Schwimmer currently works as a consultant on international relations and European affairs, based in Klosterneuburg near Vienna. Dr. Schwimmer has been actively involved in the development of GLBrain since the company was founded.

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Stefan Brunnhuber


    Prof. Brunnhuber is a professor in finance, medicine and sustainability. Prof. Stefan is a member of several international working groups, including the Club of Rome, the European Academy and the EU Commission. Prof. Brunnhuber is also one of the 15 German members of the World Academy of Arts.



Development of GLBrain concept begins...


Completion of back-end development


Completion of front-end development


Filing of patent and blockchain integration

August 2019


March 2020



What is GLBrain?

GLBrain is a next-generation social network and online Marketing platform which offers its users a unique range of communication, content-sharing, and community management functions while at the same time giving them absolute ownership over their data.
GLBrain solves the data privacy and security issues for which other platforms have come under severe criticism from regulators and publics – without making sacrifices in functionality.
Chain code and hyperchain technology allows management of all kind of online communities by using our standard community management solutions or customized hyperchain solutions.
GLBrain is the first social network that uses blockchain technology to create secure and independent records of any form of agreement, transaction, or certification made on the social network. While GLBrain is an open data system, in that any piece of information can be changed at any time, crucial functions – such as buying and selling on GLBrain’s online marketplace GLMall – require traceable records of transactions and agreements. In such instances, GLBrain gives its users the option to push information concerning these activities onto a blockchain-based “External Receipt Ledger” that is immutable and independent from GLBrain’s main servers and thus facilitates security and trust within the network. GLBrain is the first social network to offer the option of “blockchaining” – moving information to a separate blockchain database – of all types of information in the network.

What technology makes this possible?

GLBrain operates on a unique chain-coded, relational database – a technical framework that differentiates it from established social media platforms.
This database consists of tables of data cells categorized according to different types of personal information – names, dates of birth, profile pictures, etc. GLBrain makes these tables available for users to enter the personal information and content they would like to share. When another user requests access to see certain items, data types are connected according to pre-programmed data chain-codes that are triggered when another user engages with them and are assembled to create the item (profiles, pages, blog posts, etc.) which the user requests and is allowed to see. Crucially, the data is never stored on another user’s computer, it is merely assembled in a view-only manner.
GLBrain’s database does not harvest, process, and monetize user data. It does not create a historical repository of user data and activity. It does not package and sell data to anonymous third parties.
GLBrain’s database merely provides space for users to temporarily store the information they wish to publish but is itself passive and indifferent towards the data entered. Users can at any time change the data they have entered and even delete data and their entire profile once and for all. In the same way, they can change the settings which other users they allow to see what at any time. This means users can completely disappear from the GLBrain system if they so wish.
Our External Receipt Ledger function is made possible by the highly scalable and efficient SkyFiber blockchain technology. This blockchain platform uses a novel consensus algorithm that moves beyond Proof of Stake and Proof of Trust and enables zero-fee and highly energy-efficient transactions.

What can I do with GLB, GLBrain's digital coin?

Within the GLBrain network, GLB will have a range of functions supporting a dynamic coin economy in which users will be able to participate:

  • 1. Customers who buy services on the GLBrain platform by making their payment in GLB receive a 20% discount in form of a coin-back payment.
  • 2. GLB is being offered as a payment method for goods and services offered by certified vendors and private users on the GLBrain online marketplace.
  • 3. Users participating in our GLBrain+ profit sharing model are being paid in GLB for all services paid in GLB.
  • 4. GLB can be used to buy advertising banners as well as views and clicks.
  • 5. Content producers are rewarded in GLB in proportion to the amount of views and clicks their content is able to create. In this way, GLBrain wishes to attract bloggers and content producers to its platform. Producers of content thereby actively take part in a profit sharing model based on GLB.
  • 6. Large organizational clients building customized chain-codes and communication applications with us are required to pay for this service in GLB or will be required to hold a certain amount of GLB in proportion to the size of their chain.
Am I allowed to buy GLB?

Yes, unless you are a private individual or business entity resident in the United States of America. The sale is not open to private individuals or business entities resident in the US.

Can I pay for GLB in fiat currency?

Yes, you can purchase GLB in exchange for EUR through GLBrain’s integrated fiat payment gateway found on this website. GLBrain also accepts BTC and ETH as payment for GLB.