Communication on GLBrain

Communication on GLBrain

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Mar 22, 2020

Communication between online communities on GLBrain can be performed on all levels meeting all specific requirements. It can automatically be translated from and to and to more than 100 languages means 10.000+language combinations

Communication is one of the major tasks of online community management.

GLBrain offers such communication within the platform on all levels and all texts can be translated from and to all languages with an easy setting by each user.

In addition, all content in GLBrain can be shared with all other social networks with just a click on the sharing function. A click on other networks on the shared content leads back to the user and his content on GLBrain.

MyLife is the simple communication function within the user's community where he can exchange messages with his friends, post and share all kinds of content.

To learn more about GLBrain MyLife please click here.

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