Tools For Anonymity - More Suggestions

Tools For Anonymity - More Suggestions
Wolfgang Pinegger

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Wolfgang Pinegger

Jun 29, 2014

Here are more suggestions on how to protect yourself better in online world.

Filesharing with Onionshare. “If you use a filesharing service like Dropbox or Mega or whatever, you basically have to trust them. The file could end up in the hands of law enforcement,” Micah Lee, the creator of Onionshare says. “This lets you bypass all third parties, so that the file goes from one person to another over the Tor network completely anonymously. “It’s basically 100 percent darknet.”

When Onionshare users want to send files, the program creates a password-protected, temporary website hosted on the Tor network—what’s known as a Tor Hidden Service—that runs on their computer. They provide the recipient with the URL and password for that site, preferably via a message encrypted with a tool like PGP or Off-The-Record encrypted instant messaging. The recipient visits that URL in a Tor Browser and downloads the file from that temporary, untraceable website, without needing to have a copy of Onionshare.

“As soon as the person has downloaded the file, you can just cancel the web server and the file is no longer accessible to anyone,” Lee says.

Encryption of mobile operating system (Android) with Orbot is an open source client for the Tor network on Android mobile devices. The client allows you to route traffic going from your device's web browser, e-mail client, map program, etc., through the Tor network, providing anonymity for the user.

This tool is being used to keep communications on smartphones secure from the governments that may be monitoring their communications, e.g. by political dissidents around the world, companies that care about industrial espionage or private people who simply focus on privacy.

This program is also popular outside of countries where political persecution is common, as evidenced by its more than 1,000,000 downloads from the Android Marketplace.

Tor-browner-app for iOS: Onion Browser. Onion Browser is a minimal web browser that encrypts and tunnels web traffic through the Tor onion router network and provides other tools to help browse the internet while maintaining privacy.

Tails or The Amnesic Incognito Live System is a security-focused Debian-based Linux distribution aimed at preserving privacy and anonymity. It allows you to use the Internet anonymously almost everywhere online and on any computer, but leaves no trace of what you have done, unless you want to.


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