Productivity killers

Productivity killers
Helena Fernandez

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Helena Fernandez

Dec 26, 2015

Productivity is an important thing. It always has been especially now. You need to be productive for so many reasons. That’s not easy to achieve.

Habits and routines are what makes us productive or quite the opposite. There are a few habits to avoid if you want to stay as much productive as you can.


Multitasking! The first killer of productivity! You cannot do 5 things at a time. You might think you can, but are your results quality results? You’re not a machine. Long term multitasking affects your ability to focus. It’s quite harder to concentrate. By doing 5 tasks at a time after a while you might feel like you cannot perform not even one task at a time.


Procrastination! Productivity killer number two! Don’t do it! Don’t postpone your deadlines. Try to make realistic goal and realistic deadlines but don’t give yourself the chance to procrastinate.



But keep in mind, you don’t have to do everything perfect. If you get a task, and your results aren’t the best, don’t let it kill your motivation. That’s also a way of procrastinating.

Don’t rest by checking Facebook or email. Go for a walk instead. Try to relax a bit. You won’t achieve it by checking your mail. That way you’ll also avoid the thing called addiction.


Many times you probably work under pressure. That’s another thing that kills productivity. Employers might think the pressure is the mediator for success but they are quite wrong. Try to change the employer, that’s not a business person, that’s possibly a tyrant!

There’s always a default amount of pressure when working on anything. Don’t stress about it, that’s how you create extra pressure and also kill productivity. Quality results aren’t achieved through that. Long term, stressing out this way will also make you worried about future tasks.



Don’t say yes right away. Give yourself space and time. Think this way, if something is good for you, there is no need to rush. Say yes when you feel 100% comfortable with it. The best moment to say yes is when you are at the point where you can see all your options clearly and you can say the option you’re saying yes to is currently the best one.


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