Instagram Tips: Instagram for Beginners

Instagram Tips: Instagram for Beginners
Shane Brown

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Shane Brown

Mar 17, 2016

Would you like to use the full potential of your Instagram profile? Read on and add this GLOpinion to MyBrain to see all the tips to come.

1. Consider What You Post

Using Instagram for your business, is almost like using Twitter and Facebook, but there are some very important differences you should know. First of all, it’s a highly visual platform. So, when thinking about what kind of posts you plan to publish, consider how your content may lend itself to eye-catching photography or graphics that drive engagement. You can also publish video on Instagram in the form of 15-second looped videos.

2. Keep Your Posts Short

While Instagram posts don’t have a character limit, general rule ois the shorter the better. For instance, studies show that posts on Facebook with 80 characters or fewer receive 66% higher traffic, and tweets shorter than 100 characters get 17% higher engagement. When crafting your posts for Instagram, follow suit. Let your image do the storytelling. It’s more likely to convert viewers than what you write in the caption. However, the caption can certainly provide supplementary information.

3. Include a Link

Another way Instagram differs is how it treats links. Instagram doesn’t allow for hyperlinks in photo captions or comments. The only place you can post a clickable link is in the bio section of your profile, and you only have 150 characters to do so, so choose wisely. This puts more emphasis on what you link to – whether it’s your website’s homepage or a landing page for a specific product or campaign.

Keep in mind you can still write out a link in a photo caption, but it won’t be clickable. Common practice is for folks to point people to their bio link by telling them to do so in their photo captions.

4. Stay Engaged

Similar to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram uses hashtags. Learn what hashtags are most active and relevant to your brand, and try a few of them with your posts. Responding to your followers and following back is also important. Don’t forget to utilize UGC, or user-generated content, as part of your content marketing strategy. It’s a great way to show current fans your appreciation and to attract new ones by positioning your brand as engaging..

5. Experiment

You should always evolve with the way social media evolves. Changes give you enough space so you can experiment. Post on different days, different hours, hashtags, calls-to-action, and more.

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