Best free directory for web designers to list themselves in

Best free directory for web designers to list themselves in
Justin Barnett

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Justin Barnett

Jul 6, 2016

Are you a web designer or developer? Looking for a great free place to list yourself? Cyber Bums is a great option and here is why

The Cyber Bums Web Designers Directory

There are many great places on the web to list yourself some free some paid. Today we are going to cover one of them which is a great free option that offers numerous benefits.

Cyber Bums is a new comer but it is making quite a impression. Cyber Bums is a web hosting company among other great web services that puts a strong focus on their web designers directory. Listing yourself is free and the profile listing are extensive allowing you to add your skills, social links, location, images, videos and even blog posts. View the directory here

Project leads and referrals

Whenever one of Cyber Bums clients or website visitors request custom web design work or assistance Cyber Bums posts these projects to a job board that the directory members are able to view. The directoroy members can then apply for those projects with nothing but there Cyber Bums username. They don't take any fees from you as long as the hosting for the client is provided by them. If the hosting is provided elsewere they only ask for a 5% referral fee.

Sell in the Cyber Bums marketplace

After a successful listing (takes about 2 minutes) you are also able to upload and add products to the Cyber Bums marketplace. Here directory members can sell their scripts, themes, plugins and any other digital good. Cyber Bums does take a 10% admin fee per transaction but its not the worst we have seen.


Other Benefits

Among being able to sell products and receive project leads from them being a directory member does offer other benefits. Its 100% free to list yourself so if you are a web designer or developer we highly recommend you check these guys out.

They have recently merged with Social Monitoring Hub so they now offer an amazing social media management platform that allows you to schedule unlimited posts to unlimited connected social media accounts from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest absolutely free. It will help you sky rocket your social media productivity.

Their hosting packages start at $3 a month which does include unlimited bandwidth and the domain registration starts at $7 a year. These are some of the better prices out there and when you add that to their incredible customer support its really one of the best hosting options you can find.


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