Advantages of E-commerce

Advantages of E-commerce
Wolfgang Pinegger

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Wolfgang Pinegger

Mar 16, 2017

As the world steps out of the comfort of traditional commerce, you are being faces with the rise of e-commerce. Therefore, you probably want to know the advantages e-commerce offers, right?

Before I start the creation of list of advantages of e-commerce, I have to tell you that I absolutely believe that easier way of shopping and doing business is online. It is time saving, meaning - cheaper. That was the reason my team and I created GLMall, an extension of GLBrain. GLMall is the first fully integrated online mall concept which offers online market space across four “Floors”; Products, Services, Real Estate and Jobs.

It allows private users as well as businesses to offer products or services in a very distinct and geographically focused way. By allowing private users and small business to equally participate in online commerce, it opens up access to a new online market segment giving small/local markets a chance to compete in the corporately dominated online market.

Content, posts, profiles, and everything offered in GLMall can be shared through any existing social network and/or email, making GLBrain a great network for safely and efficiently creating and managing online connections.

Lower Costs

There are three major reasons to choose e-commerce platform over traditional commerce.

1. Location. Normally, if you sell something, you need to pay for renting a place where people will come and buy merchandise from you. E-commerce lets you skip these expenses as you don’t need a physical location to lead your business.

2. Employees. Since most of the services like payment, billing, inventory management etc. are done by a program, you don’t need so many workers to chase around the store and offer services. Not to mention that no one can steal or damage the goods they are interested in.

3. Advertising income. By having an e-commerce platform, you become eligible to start pay-per-click ads or some other ways of advertising space on your platform.

Search Engine Customers

When a customer is looking for a particular product on search engine, your e-commerce platform may pop up. By landing on your website, customers may be interested in checking out your brand and your products. Make sure you create engaging landing page. This may have crucial results for many smaller e-commerce platforms who specialize in some products. Also, it can directly influence advertising income as visitors of your website can direct click on ads.

Tracking Buyers Habits

By closely monitoring what consumer is buying on your e-commerce platform, you can gain huge advantage. Knowing what consumer is interested in gives you a must-use chance to present him with all similar products that you offer, therefore giving him a vast number of products to choose from. That will make buyer feel more appreciated (like having a guide in a physical store) and spending more time on your website will result in more income for you.

Advantages of E-Commerce to Consumers

Always Open

While physical stores have a huge flaw of actually having to close, e-commerce platform is working 27/7/365. That gives you customers the freedom to come to your platform and look for whatever they want in the middle of the night, while getting the same service as in broad daylight. Also, it gives your business a chance to sell more – 24 working hours are better than 16 hours.


Having to limit yourself to sell products only in you city, no matter how big it is, is still small comparing to the whole world. If your merchandise has a buyer, you couldn’t care less if he is from Japan or USA. Determine delivery expenses and you are good to go anywhere on the globe.


E-commerce is no longer a VIP feature; it is becoming necessary for every trading business out there. Since you are already here, use our GLMall as your e-commerce platform and tell us what you think.

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