Ways of Making Content Marketing Strategy Great

Ways of Making Content Marketing Strategy Great
Stefan Ivanovic

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Stefan Ivanovic

Mar 29, 2017

Having a good content strategy may not be enough. It has to be great!

Content market has never been greater and it’s only going to rise further. Companies are racing to publish quality content and improve their content marketing strategy. Teams of people are working on developing strategies and reach customers in a meaningful way. Strong and carefully planned content marketing strategy should be essential part of your business plan.

Expecting fast results with content marketing is plain wrong, so you should be patient and hard-working. 

Content marketing strategy will make sure that the content you write will be seen by people through careful planning and management of the content.

Here are a few ways of making content marketing strategy great:

Brand strategy building

Before showing your brand to the customers you should make it easy for customers to understand your brand. Make them realize the values your brand is representing and the reasons for its existence. It would be perfect if all content you created and posted under your brands name would have a core, common, value and reason. Customers would then easily spot you after a while and recognize that your brand is standing behind particular content. Every connection you make would be a step in building a stronger bond with your customer, thus building loyalty.

Content Distribution

Let’s say that you have a great content. No, you have super-amazing content! Still, if you don’t know how to make it reach people, you are going to remain invisible. A part of every great content marketing strategy is having a content distribution plan. Deciding where to show off you content is extremely important. Not every brand and content is fitting for the short life of Tweets (around 18 minutes) or 10 second videos on Snapchat. Some have the best results by using email marketing, posting videos on YouTube etc. Research and experimenting are a must do part of this job, but once you find what works (and if you work long enough something has to), you will reap the benefits.

Team Work

If you are one-man-brand, you can skip this one. If you work with a team, than you really need to work with them. What do I mean? If your distribution strategy is sharing on social media, than every member of your team should be invested in sharing brand’s post and reach more audience. It is a real trouble if this kind of dedication is lacking in the team. Also, holding frequent team meetings can help quickly solve any small glitches and it can only increase productivity and motivation for success. 


You have to know the results you achieve, as many won’t be easily visible throughout many campaigns you will lead. Pageviews, shares, and time on page, can be important, but newsletter subscriptions and followers are critical to building an audience. And qualified leads, purchases, and higher value customers are ultimately what you need to prove a return on investment, and make your case for more resources to drive growth. - A Field Guide to the 4 Types of Content Marketing Metrics

Taking Chances

Once you reach a certain level of business development you come to realize that betting on sure winners bring very small (if no) profits. Taking risks is something almost all successful people do, but don’t confuse it with foolishness. Do research, plan carefully and then make the risky move.

This all may sound like a lot of work, and it is, but avoiding it while hoping great content marketing strategy will come on its own is just childish. Plan, then execute!


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