Free Tools for Marketing Strategy

Free Tools for Marketing Strategy
Srdjan Kali

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Srdjan Kali

Apr 3, 2017

You can build the best marketing strategy using just those free tools.

If you are a serious businessman, it’s very important for you to create a professional marketing strategy. It is hard for startups to have big budgets, therefore it is hard to find the right marketing tools that cover all different sectors for your marketing strategy. That is the reason why I write this article for you.

I will represent to you a few free tools for marketing strategy and I hope that will be helpful for you.

Free tools for SEO

You can track how your website is performing by using Wincher.

For analyzing of your keywords you can use Google Adwords Keyword Planner or SEMrush. Both of them offer you free digital marketing resources as relating keywords, keyword search volumes, and projected costs for any future Pay-Per-Click campaigns and competitor analysis for chosen keywords. SEMrush offers you the possibility to search for a group of keywords at a time and also gives you good suggestions for alternative keywords that can perform better for startups.

Tools for analytics

It is crucial for your business to understand what attracts your targeted audience and what is that you need to improve your marketing strategy. That you will discover by analyzing visitors behavior and tracking traffic on your site. There is very helpful Google Analytics.

These tools will give you a huge amount of information about visitors to your website. It will provide you with information like who is on your site in real time, how long visitors are staying on it and can track where your traffic is come from. Some strategist says that this tool for strategy marketing is an essential part of your marketing strategy.

It would be a big mistake not to mention Google Trends and Google Search Console who offers little different features. All of them are based on analyzing different aspects of the traffic that reach your site, how deep it’s going to your page and where it’s coming from.

Content marketing tools

For automatically spell checks for all content you write or publish in an Internet browser you can use Grammarly. This app can be downloaded as an extension for your browser and can be used everywhere you write online. It is not almighty but finishes a lot of jobs.

Social media marketing tools

It is very important to stay active on social media and to keep your audience occupied. It is OK if you do just this job. Buffer offers you to set the social media marketing process. It allows you to do all your composing in one go and to schedule them for a later date. You also can create campaigns and analyze their success.

TweetDeck and Hootsuite also offer you a free social media management plans with a little bit different options to Buffer.

Email marketing tools

For more personalized interaction with the audience, number one is email marketing. It gives you better control over moving your customers through the sales funnel naturally. One of the most famous email marketing tools is GetResponse with it free plan. It allows you a one-month free trial, scheduling them according to your past performance. Then you can build customized campaigns to help turn prospects into leads and finally to sales.

This is my pick of free tools for marketing strategy. If you have some better tools I will be thankful if you write about them in comments below this article. Or maybe you can write a new article on our site.

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