What May Be Killing Your Ecommerce Business

What May Be Killing Your Ecommerce Business
Wolfgang Pinegger

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Wolfgang Pinegger

Apr 18, 2017

There are numbers of strategies that can make your ecommerce business a success, but there are also many mistakes you can make along the way.

Lack of Audience

Yes, you are the owner of an ecommerce website, but put yourself in the position of someone who wants to post an ad on your website. They come on your website and don’t see the audience they are aiming at. Conversation rates on your website on the particular topic can be very low (or non-existent) and that will result in a potential customer leaving without coming back. That’s why you have to focus your efforts on raising awareness about your website and use ratings system and comments in order to show it not only to other buyers but also to customers who want to post ads. Basically, targeting a huge traffic is ideal.

No sight of targeted audience can be because of:

• Failure to identify market trends and current service requirements.

• Irrelevant Content marketing strategy.

• Failure to promote your blog.

• Strategy focused more on reach than target.

• Inefficiency to market service message across all channels.

Site Speed

This is a very basic problem that is easily overlooked. It can have a huge impact on your site, so preventing a site to load too long can be crucial. The tolerance for waiting a site to load has dropped severely, and even if someone checks your site once, doesn’t mean they will return. Loading instantly is of extreme importance. According to KISSmetrics study it is shown that 40% of shoppers abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. That means a slow site is losing almost half of would be shoppers. If that isn’t proof enough, the same study also found that 52% of shoppers say a quick page load time is important to gain their loyalty.

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Bad Photos

Have you ever bought an item online that didn’t have enough of good quality images? Probably not! I agree that creating a worthy image can be time consuming and frustrating at times, but it is also essential if you don’t want to kill your ecommerce business. A good photo shows that you are professional and dedicated and customers love that. So practice your photographing and Photoshop skills.

Forcing Registration and Subscription

You should not, and cannot, force someone to register or subscribe. It’s the Internet! People come there because they don’t want to be forced to do anything they don’t want to. Offering rewards and benefits should be a way to go, but don’t make it obligatory.

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Complex Buying Process

Why are you trying to make things hard to the customer? Do the most important checks and let people buy! Having a complicated buying process with too many forms to fill in, or errors during buying process will result in your website looking unprofessional and you will lose the customers trusts. There are many scams online, so don’t make anyone even doubt you.

No Customer Service

You are not paying anyone to sit in a shop all day, but you still need some support staff. There will always be problems with ordering, shipping etc. but the customer must know that you got their backs. Leaving things unresolved or not replying can permanently damage your reputation. On the other hand, having a customer service will create confidence and customer loyalty. In the end, what’s better that a loyal, satisfied customer?

Make sure you don’t make mistakes like this in your ecommerce business and you should be OK.

And make sure you don’t have a product problem.

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