The Qualities of a Leader

The Qualities of a Leader
Wolfgang Pinegger

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Wolfgang Pinegger

Sep 4, 2017

It is not enough to be in charge of a business. You must be a true leader, and true leaders need to have certain qualities.

We all came upon bad leaders in our professional lives and I am sure that they are very easily spotted by everyone. Still, maybe they have a lot of money and they just own the business. There is nothing you can do to change that. But, you can change something for yourself.

If you ever think about starting a new business here are some qualities you should own.


A leader must be an example of the who pace of the company. Energetic and always on the move, leader will inspire other workers and make them use their time at work to the max.

Considering how traveling, long meeting and negotiations are a part of leaders life, the lack of energy can crumble it all to dust. If you are not vigorous and very active person, maybe you should not aim at leader position.


The last thing you want to hear from your boss is 'maybe this, maybe that'. he has to have the confidence of speaking about his ideas first in order to inspire you to do the same. Leader is not obligated to always have the best ideas, but the confidence to speak about them should lead a company to a better future.

This leads us to our next thing.


Energy and confidence of a leader can be very inspiring for employees. Communication with them in an open manner can inspire them to endure difficult times in the company. Because every company has a stagnation or a part of doing business when you just have to wait to achieve the goals.

Inspired workers will have better ideas and will work better for you.


A true leader can see everyone's mistakes, including his own. Everyone in the company gets a task to do, but it is leaders job to check every one of them and make changes in delegating work if needed. Leader should be the quickest to react and seek a possible solution out of every problem.

Getting things back on track is the job of the one in charge!


Not everything is always going to go perfect in your company. Employees have lives outside work and some of their problems can be serious enough that they can't perform on a usual level. A show of genuine concern for your employees can mean a world to the whole team. Leader must be an accessible person, someone with feelings, not just a cold figure who says 'you are doing this badly' without asking 'why'.

Focus on finding a constructive solution and move forward.


You can expect your workers to be honest with you if you are keeping things from them. Sure, there are some things that only a leader should deal with, but there are many parts of the whole machine that everyone should have an insight in. If you are the embodiment of honesty and hard work, people will try to follow your example.

Just treat employees the way you would like to be treated if you were in their shoes.

Now, while some of these traits seem logical and easy to grasp, you should still be aware that they are often neglected and forgotten in the heat of everyday work.

Keeping these in mind will make you a better leader and make your business grow.

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