Why You Should Optimize Site for Mobile Search?

Why You Should Optimize Site for Mobile Search?
Srdjan Kali

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Srdjan Kali

Sep 26, 2017

There are more and more sites optimized for mobile search.

In the next year, it is expected that the websites will not only be compatible with mobile devices but optimized for the same. What this means for a position on the search engine and how to accelerate it find out in the text that is ahead.

Mobile phones are used at any time of day and night. Probably you sometimes find yourself checking often for anything new on social networks. What has changed is that users have started to use mobile devices in the so-called "Micro moments", which, according to Google: solve unexpected problems at a given moment.
This means that users turn to Google when they are interested in finding a way to a place, where you cannot remember some general culture information when they want to learn how to make or repair something, or when they want to buy a service or product.

According to some surveys, the use of mobile search engines on the Internet has grown from 2010 to today by more than 400%, which is why it is expected that in 2018, the use of smartphones will reach over 90% in the US and UK markets.

However, this increase does not mean that the use of desktop search engines will decline, as it has increased by 37% in 4 years.


Although many do not understand the difference between these two terms, it exists and it is significant. When a site is compatible with mobile devices, this means that it can be visited with them, but does not imply either that it is effective on them or is intuitive for mobile users. When the site is optimized for tablets or the so-called smart devices, this means that the pages will be adapted to the size of the screen, that they will load the pages faster and that the general user experience will be better.

Optimized sites are easy to use, content and images are adapted to the screen size and contain buttons that are consistent with the device itself (for example, a call or email button, i.e. tap-to-call, tap-to-email, folders, etc.), in other words, must have a responsive design.


You can do the mobile customization test that Google offers in its developer service. Once you complete the test, depending on the results, you can customize the software of the website (if you use CMS like WordPress or Joomla), and you have the option to avoid common mistakes and provide the best SEO practice that will help the site index and rank well on Google's search engine.

So, what does all this data mean? The increase in the user group of this type of devices just means that their habits have changed. The increase in the use of search on mobile devices only means that this trend continues and that the focus of website development will be optimized for mobile devices. Adapting to the needs of users should be your primary goal in creating websites.

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