How is Google Ranking Websites?

How is Google Ranking Websites?
Srdjan Kali

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Srdjan Kali

Oct 5, 2017

PENGUIN, PANDA, FRED... What are the names of the algorithms?

Do you know what Google's algorithms are and how often they change? Which factors influence the position of the website, and how does Google actually decide on ranking websites in search results?

On the Internet, it became somewhat popular to talk about Google's algorithms, SEO and the influence of Panda, Penguin, and Fred on the site's position. But the truth is, although many have heard about them, most do not know what this is actually about - unless they are SEO experts who are in the job description to keep up with the news.

Below find out why the most commonly mentioned is Google's site ranking; which are some of the factors that affect the quality of the site and, automatically, its place in the search results; what is meant by the updating of the algorithm and how often the algorithm changes; as well as why it all matters to you - website owners.


Google is not the only Internet browser, but it is definitely the most common, with about 65% of total searches. It is the default search engine on mobile devices that run with an Android operating system.

Apart from Google, Bing, Yah, Baidu, AOL, Ask, and many others are also popular, depending on the region in which you are located and how much you are able to change the settings on your default browser.


The Google's algorithm is a set of many complex computer programs used to rank websites and determine which ones will be displayed at what search engine results page (SERP). SERP is a dynamic page that the browser displays in response to a user query.

One of the key ways that Google understands the context of the website is to send its robots to review it, and then decide on the categorization and position of the website when displaying the search results.
Google's algorithms exist with one goal: that every Internet searcher offers a list of quality websites that best match the search query, and that this process takes as short as possible.


Although almost everyone is wondering which factors affect the ranking of the site, the real answer is still a complete lack of knowledge. The fact is that there are over 200 rules for ranking prescribed by Google, to which are added regular updates and changes to the algorithm, which significantly influence the increase in visibility.

Some of the important factors are the following:

• quality content,
• regular work on the site, i.e. how often content changes / replenishes,
• Website optimization for search engines,
• number of backlinks, i.e. how many other websites have the link that leads to your site,
• Keywords used on the site,
• age of the website,
• the location of the user searching the Internet,
• The time spent by the user on the site.

All this means that SEO experts have a lot more work than it might seem at first glance.


Google daily learns more about user habits and how to search information available on the Internet and accordingly updates the algorithm in order to better display search results.

Therefore, the update of the algorithm refers to changes to Google's computer programs by which robots or spiders visit websites and decide how to display them in the SERP.


Another Google's well-kept secret is the fact of how often algorithms change.

Once upon a time, the algorithms changed every few months and this meant that the site at the top of the search results could remain in the same place for months without fear of competition.

However, it has become more difficult today because Google can modify the algorithm up to 600 times a year. Very often, Google does not announce these changes, but SEO experts notice them in traffic fluctuations to the website and assume that they happened if they were noticed by a large number of users.

Constant updates of the Google algorithm lead to possible oscillations in the site's position in searching and moving the site to better or worse positions. This means that the ranking of websites changes over time. One day, your site can be ranked first on the first page, and the next day on the fifth. In order to maintain the first place, it is necessary to constantly work on the site and to constantly offer visitors interesting, useful content, and occasionally refresh the old content.


Although small changes are performed on a daily basis, a significant update of the algorithm occurs from time to time. The news about this is done via the Internet only after someone gets to define and name an update. Those who do not deal with the Internet and digital news will most likely miss such information.

The practice so far has shown that large algorithm updates are named for animals. These were penguins, panda, and hummingbird; but an update since the beginning of March, it's called Fred.


Depending on how much you know about site optimization, the influence of Google algorithms on your site changes.

Namely, if you are only the owner of a site that is not understood too much about how the Internet works, you do not have to worry much about altering the algorithm - it's the job of an SEO expert who follows these changes and successfully applies them to your website to provide you with achieving and retaining the desired position in the search results.

The goal of all sites is to provide users with what they are looking for: useful information, help, and answers to the questions asked. When this is done, be sure visitors will like your site, spend time on it and share it on social networks. Increasing traffic on the site signals to Google that it should position it better. And before you become aware of it, the rank of your website will start to improve!


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