How to Create a Business Page on Facebook?

How to Create a Business Page on Facebook?
Stefan Ivanovic

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Stefan Ivanovic

Jan 30, 2018

Marketing on social media has become one of the most important components of every company that wants to do business successfully.

Social network channels can be very useful for optimization, but also as an ear for listening to the target audience or consumers, or users of your services or products.


Users no longer ask: are you on Facebook? nor visit your site in search of a button that leads to your site's page, but simply log in (via their mobile phone), typed the name of the search company, and often are disappointed when they realize that your company does not exist there.


Because they expect you to be there. They expect that they can contact you on the wall or send you a private message.

This casual attitude has not just happened, but the social network has become so involved in business that it's hard to imagine any marketing campaign without it as one of the main information gadgets. Even the company itself announced that 91% of their users are on a daily basis using mobile devices. Moreover, the income they generated by the end of the second quarter of 2017 surpassed all expectations.

These and many other reasons, such as awareness raising, omnipresence, business identity, branding, etc., are enough to learn how to make a business page on Facebook today.

What do you need:

- private profile (you must be registered to use this social network with at least 30 friends)

- graphics (logo and cover photo)

- social network administrator.



The first thing is to log into your private account. There are two ways to create a business page.
The first is to click the down arrow in the right corner of the screen. When the drop-down menu opens, click Create page.

The other is to simply follow this link: which will take you to the right page where you choose the page type:

Depending on what type of business your business belongs to, additional fields will need to be filled in. Let's say you are creating a local company page. In this image, the fields with the category and the address to be filled in will appear. Once you have completed the listing, click on the button that starts the page creation (Get Started).


The second step in creating a page is to fill in basic information: about the page, profile image, add it to your favorite, target audience. Keep in mind that some fields are conditional, which means you will not be able to proceed further if you do not fill all fields marked with an asterisk (*). Of course, all the information you enter will be able to change later when you create a page.


In this field, you need to add categories to which your site belongs (for example, bookstore, web design). Then, since the page contains a field About Us, you should also print a few sentences about the firm (up to 155 characters with spaces). Below is the box for entering a link to your website or blog. To make it easier for you to find users, you can provide a suggestion for the page URL. Lastly, you should mark the YES or NO fields depending on whether your company really exists or not.

Profile Picture

As each profile should have a profile image, so the pages have this field. Here you can add your company logo directly from your computer or import it from the website. If you do not want to do this, you can skip this step.

Add to Favorites

To make it easier to access the page from your personal profile, by completing this step, you will add your newly created page to your favorite places.

Preferred Page Audience

The fourth step is choosing the desired audience. You can choose the place of residence, age, gender, interests, and language.


Congratulations! You created a page!

The next step is to learn about the page management options.

In the upper part of the page, you have tabs: Page, messages sent by your followers (Messages), notifications when someone interacts with the content on the page (Notifications), the Insight tool, and Publishing Tools, and in the far right corner there are Settings.

On the right side of the administrator's section, you have sections: Homepage, About page, Photos, Reviews and recommendations from users, Likes, Videos, Posts, Manage Tabs.

Additional advice: Do not forget to add a cover image that matches the business identity of your company!


At the center of the page, there is an input field for a text, a link, a video clip, or a photo. When you fill it in and click on the publish button, you posted it and shared it with the page's followers.

The content you share on the page should always be fun and useful so that you do not get left without the users. If you still do not have followers, you can invite them by sharing a link to a friend page or through a promotion.


Perhaps the most important and valuable advantage of managing the page is metric analysis.
Facebook collects general information when someone comes to your site or interacts with posts you publish.
You can access these information through the Insights tool - learn to use the Facebook Insights tool.

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