How To Use The Google Developers Site

How To Use The Google Developers Site
Srdjan Kali

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Srdjan Kali

Jun 20, 2018


It is widely known that Google is one of the leaders in the IT industry, not only in the field of search, internet marketing, and Internet technologies but also in software development. What is particularly interesting is that most of their services are free, and usually accompanied by incredibly good descriptions and tutorials for using the services, making this company a favorite among users and service providers on the Internet.

It is that Google dictates the rules of the game (eg for search and SEO factors), but also allows ordinary users to expand their knowledge and acquire new skills. That's how the Google Developers website developed.


Generally speaking, Google Developers is a website that contains software development tools and websites and applications. It was created in 2005 under the name Google Code, and in March of this year it has filled 13 years - which is quite a good time, you will agree.

The site can be accessed via Google Developers whose title page offers the ability to choose products: Android, Cloud Platform, Firebase, Maps, AdMob, etc. It is allegedly available in all languages and contains documentation on the use of Google's programming tools and APIs (application programming interface, mainly web applications), discussion groups, and blogs for developers using Google products.

Below the product range are Google mobile services: Android and iOS, as well as the development of web applications, as well as a six-month program called Google Developers Launchpad Accelerator, which offers mentoring and the development of mobile applications for startups around the world.

At the very bottom of the page, there is a resource menu for development of games, programming community, startups, blogs, videos, and courses.


If you focus on the web development (Build a Great Web Experience), this category will take you to the development of high-quality web applications (the sub-category Developer), the development of notifications (the Engage subcategory), and earning from the applications (the Earn subcategory). Of course, Google also offers tutorials for developing responsive web applications for all devices, as well as for connecting with other tools.

The tools that Google offers are:

  • Chrome DevTools - Google Chrome Web Browser.
  • Web Starter Kit - a beta software development tool for developing new projects.
  • Polymer Starter Kit - the launcher for 1.0 web applications on different devices.
  • Material Design Lite - a tool for a lightweight implementation of material design, the Google's invention.
  • Polymer - a library that facilitates and accelerates the development of great components on the web.
  • Service Worker Libraries - a library for accelerating page loading.
  • PageSpeed Module - a module for accelerating the speed of open pages.


The Application Programming Interface (API) is mainly for web applications. It's open source for products like Google Maps, Google Earth, AdSense, AdWords, Google Apps, and YouTube.

  • Google Data APIs - an application-creating interface that reads and prints data from Google's services (for example, Google Analytics, Blogger, Google Calendar, Google Book Search)
  • Ajax APIs - to implement dynamic large websites in Java scripts and HTML, which can create a sitemap, dynamic search, etc.
  • Ads APIs - an interface for connecting to AdSense and AdWords.


Google also organizes several events and gatherings throughout the year for all developers using their products. Those are:

  • Google I / O in San Francisco
  • Google Developer Day - an annual event
  • Google summer coding school that offers mentoring programs to students - Google Summer of Code
  • Competition in programming - Google Code Jam.

Have you had the opportunity to use or create a web application with the help of the Google Developers site and, if so, which one? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments below this text.

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