Value Your Time by Planning It Better

Value Your Time by Planning It Better
Stefan Ivanovic

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Stefan Ivanovic

Feb 24, 2019

One of the rare resources we are never getting back is – time! So make sure that things you do deserve it!

In the world we are living, time is always considered a scarce resource. Whether we are preparing for a job, planning a holiday, or we have a deadline for submitting a specific project on which we are working, we simply need at least an hour, a day or a week more.

The trick is, of course, in simple organizing and planning. As much as it seems to you that you don’t have enough time, it's actually an unchanging constant that you can absolutely influence. You are the only one responsible for planning and valuing your time.

Of course, an organization may be more complicated than it sounds, so we'll give you some tips to make it easy to get you to work.

Plan five hours of daily activities

If you've ever worked, studied, or been devoted to one activity for more than a couple of hours, then you know very well that disturbing factors are often a part that you cannot ignore. So be smart and plan for four to five hours of active work. Predict obstacles and plan when dealing with problem solving problems.

Do not indulge yourself

Sometimes you will be able to work all day, extend working hours and stumble late into the night, because you have inspiration, or simply have enough energy to finish everything you had. It will not be easy for you to work for days.

Do not resent yourself. Take advantage of every energy and time boost you experience, because you cannot know when the next one will come. When you catch the rhythm, do not stop, but of course, when you feel that you simply do not have more power, relax. There is no work that can’t be compensated.

Value your time

Every moment you invest in yourself is worth much more than you think. If you do not know otherwise, follow the time through the money you invest, earn and finally - spend. Do not let anyone try to organize your life, but take control of everything you do and arrange your obligations so that all deadlines are respected, and your freedom is guaranteed and deserved.

Forget about multitasking

People around the world boast that they are excellent in doing many things at the same time. However, there is nothing good in the fact that you are forced to do three jobs at the same time and you cannot devote to only one properly.

Research (and experience) has shown that this is just a way to lose concentration and divide attention so that no project for which you are in charge gets your maximum. Think again - do you really want it? Of course you don’t.

Schedule your obligations so that you spend time on each one, but do them all by the end of the working day, so that you can go home carefree. Do not bother to put them together and end at the same time. Be concise and concrete.

These tips will surely help you better allocate your responsibilities and organize yourself so that no aspect of your life suffers. Be sure that a good organization is the key to every job, and if you are striving for some more positions throughout your life, then it's important to be good at it.

Jobs that require the highest degree of concentration and organization are often best paid. If you think you are talented organizer, think about dedicating your time to strategic management and start building your career on the skills that you are born with and which will certainly be appreciated well.


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