Top 5 people with most followers on Instagram

Top 5 people with most followers on Instagram
Dusan Djordjevic

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Dusan Djordjevic

Apr 12, 2019

Official statistic say's that on Instagram are dominating womens younger then 35. But, on top of this list is hidding a men. Who is that? Find out.

We are all witnesses of social networks and how that influences on our lifes. Many of famous super stars are using that networks such as Instagram to upload pictures, but also to have many followers. Who are the TOP 5 instagram users with most followers, you will see now.



5. Kim Kardashian - 133 million followers

This famous starlete uploads very attractive pictures on her profile.
Many of her fans are crazy about her pictures.
Kim Kardashian currnetly are studing for lawyer, so maybe more lawyers will follow her now.

4. Dwayne Johnson - 137 million followers

Popular The Rock and his famous smile are heavy that million followers.
He lost a lot of them when he uploaded a picture of tenk with his name on it.

3. Selena Gomez - 148 million followers

Becouse her mental health and addict,popular singer and actress cutie
currnet is having a pause of social networks. But no doubt she is on top 5.

2. Ariana Grande - 150 million followers

Popular singer have huge base of fans who call themself Arianators.
We belive she have the best fans between this 5 superstars.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo - 160 million followers

Finally we came to king of Instagram. Football star of Juventus,
beside 5 golden ball's, have a most followers on Instagram.
He have a brand calling #CR7. Most of his fans are womens.

I hope you like it.

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