11 Mistakes On Social Networks That Damage Business

11 Mistakes On Social Networks That Damage Business
Srdjan Kali

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Srdjan Kali

Apr 30, 2019

Don’t harm your business!

Successful use of social networks for business is much more complicated than just creating a company site and adding occasional posts.

If you do not know what you are doing, your marketing efforts on social networks can do more harm than benefit.

There are 11 mistakes on the social networks that you must avoid.


Do not leave your profile incomplete

People who first visit your profile on social networks want to know about your company. Do not miss the opportunity to tell them who you are and what you do or what you sell by leaving information about your empty or incomplete profile. For each social networking platform, create an interesting, informative profile of your company that is designed to attract the attention of visitors and make them always return.

You do not know who your target audience is

To create content on social networks that will interest your companions, you must first know who your audience is.


You do not have a recognizable brand

You may need to be strictly professional in other media, but social networks are the place where you can highlight the personality of your brand! Create a profile that fits your company's image, which, apart from being authentic, is informal and fun.

Creating a profile just to have it 

Social networks are a great place to share news and information about your company, that's right. But make sure you leave posts focused on providing useful information that will be worthy of your companions.


You do not do auditing social networks

How do you know if the marketing strategy works? An audit of social networks will provide you with a comprehensive overview of all your marketing efforts and tell you what it does and what not.


Choosing the wrong platform for social media

Knowing the platforms that are most suited to your needs is crucial to the success of marketing on social networks.

Using the same content on all platforms

Each platform has its own personality and common practices. A post that works on one platform can have the opposite effect on the other. Be sure that you are familiar with the best practices for each platform by default and that accordingly, you create your own posts.


You do not use direct messages

Exchange personal messages with your followers is a great way to improve engagement, developing relationships and providing better service to customers. Encourage people to notify you directly if they have a question, comment or problem. When someone sends a useful or positive comment, respond with a quick message as gratitude.


Ignoring video

The video is the most popular type of content on social networks, which means that if you want your followers to engage in your brand, you should use it.

Getting stuck on one type of content

If you use the same kind of content for all posts on social networks, your followers will be bored.


Deleting or ignoring negative comments

It may look counterintuitive, but negative comments can really help your reputation. Answer negative comments in the right way and your companions will see that you are committed to solving such problems.

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