Minimalist Diet – Eat Sustainable

Minimalist Diet – Eat Sustainable
Stefan Ivanovic

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Stefan Ivanovic

May 15, 2019

Do you throw away too much food?

This article will not contain information that will fit every person. You will have read the whole thing a plan out your own journey. But the basis is:

A minimalist diet is a simplified approach to cooking meals where you balance nutritional needs, ease of preparing, and optimizing your ingredients to have as few as possible while still being able to cooking a variety of meals that you love.

Again, you will have to figure out what works best for you, but I’ll throw in a few tips and things to look out for.

Learn to Cook

Some have probably stopped reading right after the headline, but hear me out! Cooking is something that you need to learn in order to bring minimalist diet to your life. Not to mention it’s a useful life skill. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, because minimalism is most of the time opposite to complications.

Use fewer ingredients (or use more, but smarter) to satisfy your nutritional needs on a daily basis.

Concentration should be on unprocessed, whole foods. This way, you will throw away far less food, and same money. Kakeibo can also help you save money.

Don’t Buy Too Much

Don’t overstuff your freezer. The milk has gotten bad, cheese has expired, eggs are stinking up the place. While it does seem like a relatively easy thing NOT to do, many people just buy in bulk and store food that they throw away later.

Minimalist diet is the opposite to decluttering your home. You don’t throw away.

Make a List

Before every trip to the supermarket, make sure that you have a pretty accurate list on hand (write it in your phone – save the trees!)

By making a list, you will not wander clueless through the supermarket and in that, you will avoid buying things that are not essential to your diet. Having a list also saves your money.

Think About Your Health

Maybe this tip is too much of a philosophical approach, but I find it very important. You should be thinking about the quantity and quality of food that is entering your body and how it will influence your overall health.

And while it’s OK to stumble here and there, you should avoid processed food altogether and find a suitable, healthy replacement.

Snacks are a big part of modern life, and that’s why you should focus on having healthier snacks. Focus on fruits and vegetables – they are natural and therefore best for health.

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