What Brings To Us The Integration Of Instagram, Messenger, And Whatsapp Applications?

What Brings To Us The Integration Of Instagram, Messenger, And Whatsapp Applications?
Srdjan Kali

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Srdjan Kali

Jun 6, 2019

As confirmed by the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, the integration of Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp will not happen by 2020.

This topic was first confirmed at the end of March, after reports that the basic messaging infrastructure of all applications will be unique to create the "best messaging experience" for billions of their users.

Despite the claims of this technology giant that integration will bring a message-sharing platform that is private and encrypted, data security experts warn that this could affect the privacy of users.

Synopsys company member, who is a privacy policy expert said that integration must be carefully done and paid attention, especially to users' privacy because in the past Facebook had security flaws with user data.

"Merge personal information and privacy settings from three significant applications will not be trivial. Facebook development teams should look at this pretext and give priority to user privacy, " hi told to Independent.

With an integration project expected to come in for a year and with encryption, we should expect that Facebook engineering teams will focus on uniform data security both in their platform and in the applications themselves.

In response to such privacy concerns, Facebook has released a statement: "We are working to make all our messaging products encrypted and consider ways to facilitate contact with friends and family across the network. As you would expect, there are many discussions and debates as we begin a long process of determining all the details of how it will work. "

The Irish Data Protection Commission, which regulates the social network in the EU, has since requested urgent information on this issue in order to assess how the proposals will fit into the GDPR rules.

"Previous proposals for data exchange between Facebook companies have led to significant data protection problems, and the Irish DPC will seek early conviction that all such concerns will be fully taken into account by Facebook in the further development of this proposal," it said in the report of the commission.

"It must be emphasized that, ultimately, the proposed integration can happen in the EU only if it is able to meet all the GDPR requirements."

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