How To Use The Instagram Stories For The Promotion Of Brands

How To Use The Instagram Stories For The Promotion Of Brands
Srdjan Kali

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Srdjan Kali

Jun 15, 2019

An option that has quickly become the most popular feature on this social network.

More and more companies realize the potential of Instagram as a digital marketing space. This social network is considered to be the fastest growing social media, and by introducing the option to upgrade personal profile to a business profile, Instagram has become interesting to professional users.

The network has progressed rapidly, and in addition to publishing photos and videos for up to one minute, an option that has quickly become the most popular feature on this social network - Instagram Stories - has been introduced.

The Stories inspiration came from another image sharing service - Snapchat. The basic idea of this social network was the short duration of content and its disappearance after 24 hours. The same is true with Instagram Stories, which also disappear forever after 24 hours. Soon, the social network Facebook launched Facebook Stories by the same principle, but Stories on Instagram proved to be more successful and much more popular.

In addition, Instagram provides an additional opportunity to archive stories. In this way, they can be reconsidered at any time, and again split with the followers. One of the recent Instagram updates has also made it possible for the stories to be grouped and displayed in a separate section on the user profile, highlighting them as Highlights.



Stories on Instagram allow direct interaction with followers. With the help of them, direct and two-way real-time communication is created between those offering products/services and those who are looking for these services. Barriers such as emailing, making phone calls and sending inquiries through ineffective contact forms on the website are removed. This way you get the desired information faster and easier.

Of course, this form of informal communication with (potential) consumers is not ideal for every brand and company.

As Instagram is currently the most prevalent network among the younger population, accordingly research should be organized to determine whether your company, store, agency, restaurant, hotel, organization, presence on this social network is necessary and whether your target group is there.

If the answer is confirmed, after creating an Instagram profile and activating a business profile, it's time to pay attention to creating an Instagram story strategy. They provide plenty of opportunities to create a very creative call to action and create an interesting and interactive user experience for an audience that will want to know more about the brand, product, or campaign rather than simply "flipping" over your information to the next one.

Drawing the attention of the audience today is the right skill and if you manage to achieve it, people will ask you to have more content of the same or at least the same quality. Therefore, it is necessary that you have an elaborate plan depending on what you want to achieve regarding the content on your profile as well as the sponsored content.

How to get people interested in what you offer? Instagram stories come here and their numerous options.




You can easily find out what kind of thinking prevails among your audience by "organizing" a vote within your story. Select a sticker called Poll and personalize possible answers instead of pre-predicted "Yes" and "No". You can also jingle with companions and put two "Yes" or the like. Leave the imagination at will.

If you want a little longer and better answers, there is a question mark on the question mark. Ask the question you want in the story to get your followers' answers about your new product or anything else. You can also share all the answers in the form of new stories, just make sure you do not overdo it and do not tire people by asking a large number of stories. It may happen that they stop watching or blocking notifications from your profile.

Design the questionnaires. Make a story using the This or That columns, which the followers can download to your device. After that, they will be able to embed or round up their answers, then share it on their profile with a tag that indicates that is your questionnaire.

Soon you're launching a new product or new website? It's a great opportunity to use the Countdown sticker to interact with all the new followers in your company.


Did you post a new blog article? Invite your companions to read it using the Swipe up option. In this way, your followers will be able to follow the link and simply reach your article by dragging your finger up in your Instagram story. The only negative side of this option is that it is only possible for profiles that have more than 10,000 followers. However, if you are not among them, do not despair. You can still place the link to your post or the desired page in the Bio section of your profile and invite people through your story to click on that link.

You can always organize live recording on your profile to invite your companions to do something at the same time, transfer them to newspapers, events from important conferences, lectures or promotions, and answer questions. If you want to more closely control the aspects of your public appearance, there is also an IGTV channel where you can add previously recorded video clips as well as recordings of up to 60 minutes.


Brand your company's presence on Instagram so people can know that it's you. Add your logo or simply cultivate your aesthetic across all communication channels. You can also use, for example, a specific color palette or selected fonts for each story. The logo or the name of your company should be discreet, not take up the whole photo, but that it is not too small, because it is necessary for people to discern it.

Group your highlighted stories into categories and design icons for each category. This will further enhance your profile and define your visual identity.

Attach minimalism. We are surrounded by an immeasurable amount of virtual content every day, both visual and textual. That's why you choose the opposite approach - one bright color and the fewer texts are the winning combinations for this network.

Keep in mind that Instagram is designed primarily as a mobile phone application, and make sure that your image and video dimensions for the Story are 16: 9. And do not forget to shoot videos in vertical format.


Design something? Or write tips? Tell your followers to keep Story reading it for more details or to make a screenshot of it. In this way, you will simply share your work or knowledge with others, which they can easily save and look at later on your mobile phone.

Use the Sound On sticker if you want to tell the companions that you have something important to let them know so they know they need and hear your story, not only to look at it.

If you do not have a person in charge of creating unique stories, you can find applications for that purpose.

Organize the download and management of stories by someone else (Instagram Stories takeover). In other words, arrange for someone to take your Instagram account for 24 hours and allow him to publish content from his own corner. It can be your employees, well-known and influential personalities, business partners or certain professionals from your industry.


You do not have to use just about every option that exists. We believe that as a business user you will not use a filter with a dog's ears and snout. Although, if you are a veterinarian or you sell food for dogs, why not? And this can be done with style. In any case, try to fit everything with a measure and with a sense.

Take care when publishing videos (lasting up to 15 seconds) and always make sure they are fully loaded and what their quality is.

There are also giants as an additional entertainment element, but we advise you not to use them if you do not, as they dramatically reduce the quality of images and videos. While this option does not improve, you do not want to risk and hang the content of lower quality.

Keep up to date with current trends and viral events on Instagram. Maybe you can use them in some way to promote your business. If people are interested in a given moment, they will want as much content as possible on the subject. Also, be sure to work fast when this social network is in question. Tomorrow, something else will occupy the attention of its users.

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