Google And The Speed Of Loading The Website

Google And The Speed Of Loading The Website
Srdjan Kali

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Srdjan Kali

Jun 26, 2019

Why is this important?

We are sure that you have heard a lot about the speed of loading the site. The topic has become very serious in the past year.

What is the reason behind this sudden obsession with the speed of loading the site?

The answer is - Google, of course. Over the past few years, Google has constantly changed site optimization rules. The speed of loading the site is what Google primarily insists on. Why?

Let's find out.



Why is this important? Two words:

Google orders.

However, take a few moments to consider why this is so and help your visitors to see your website better. For example, you've encountered a long loading blog. Do you want to visit this blog again? Of course not.

Consider this fact: Google is a service company.

Like every company that wants to succeed, Google focuses on providing excellent service to its customers. But Google customers want two things:

- They want to answer questions, and
- They want it in 2 seconds.

Google is like a fast food chain on the Internet and people expect to get what they want faster than you can imagine.

Google wants to satisfy its customers. For this reason, they have found that "rewarding" sites that are loaded faster are one way to help themselves.

Do not you believe us? Read this quote from the official Google Webmaster site:

"Speeding up sites is important - not just for website owners, but for all Internet users, and faster sites create happy users, and in our internal research we have seen that when a site reacts slowly, visitors spend less time on it, but faster sites do not just improve the user experience, recent data show that improving site speed also reduces operating costs. Like us, our users give high value to speed - so we decided to take into account the speed of the site in ranking the search. "

You must have thought that we were joking when we said "Google orders".

Obviously, the speed of loading the site is really important because it is a factor Google uses to rank sites. But this is not the most important thing on the list. However, if you are planning to run your blog or website, you'd rather use only WordPress themes that are quickly downloaded.

There is a reason why professional bloggers prefer only premium WordPress themes.

You could have the fastest site "in the neighborhood," but if you do not provide a unique, useful content that can be shared, then you will not get five stars just because your site is fast.

Content is the key to achieving results in optimizing the site, and everything else - including the speed of loading the site - comes after that.

What should you do at this time?

Well, just because the speed of your site is not a decisive factor in your SEO efforts, that does not mean that you must ignore it.

Here are 3 things you can do today to help with the speed of loading your site:

1. The speed of loading the site is still important, so it makes sense to test the speed of page loading
2. Measure your results that come out of testing your site speed and make the necessary changes
3. Do not be ashamed of how quickly your site loads, because you will be crazy.




PageSpeed Insights

When it comes to speed testing, the first stop is the Google Webmaster Tool, PageSpeed Insights. It's a free tool that you can use to test the desktop speed and mobile version of your site.

Use is the same as for other popular online tools.

- Enter the address of your site,
- click the button that studies the loading time,
- and wait for results.

PageSpeed Insights will throw out your score on a scale of up to 100 points. From the results you can find out how your site opens will give you suggestions on what to change to increase its loading time. At the end of 2018, Google changed the algorithm on this tool so that the results you had before the change did not match those currently displayed. For this reason, we like to use another tool, which we will discuss below.



While it's good to see how Google sees the speed of your site, as we wrote, we like to use GTMetrix for testing.

This online tool is also free to use but offers a more detailed and comprehensive overview of what it does for you and what it does against you. It also shows the Yslow score.

In this tool, you can see in which segments you received an unsuccessful rating. GTMetrix will tell you how to solve the problem. If you are not familiar with the technical details of how the site works, then all of this can look like a bunch of nonsense. But most of the corrections that need to be made are relatively easy.

The results that one of the online tools shows will give you a better idea of what you can do to speed up the site. Continue to check the speed after each change you make on your site.



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