Starting Business Fast and Cheap

Starting Business Fast and Cheap
Stefan Ivanovic

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Stefan Ivanovic

Jul 15, 2019

Do not burden yourself with little things, start working, no one is perfect at first, and many have succeeded despite imperfections.

Many people want to get rid of their boring jobs so they can do something they are really passionate about.
None of us want to retire and realize that our working life has gone in vain. Fortunately, today the job can start from scratch and without spending a fortune. We will give you several business ideas that you can start completely free from your own home. Some require only an internet connection, while others require professional skills. The choice is yours!

1. Personal or virtual assistant

Although the work of a personal and virtual assistant does not sound glamorous, it's well-paid. If you have already done this job in the office, you will see that the digital version allows much more freedom. Use services like to find your customers. You can choose your clients, hours, daily or monthly payment rates.

2. Social Media Advisor

Who does not like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? You are thinking about becoming an expert, but you do not have any formal training? Twitter and Google, among other platforms, offer complete professional courses with recognized certificates that require little money. With social networking, you can have a huge number of potential clients from all over the world. This trend is unlikely to die soon, but if it ever disappears, new platforms are published each year, giving unlimited opportunities for expansion. With the social network management tool, you can ease your work.

3. Affiliate marketing

You can make a lot of money by advertising the services and products of a company. Simply choose the product you like, promote it and profit for every sale that stems from your marketing efforts. Affiliate marketing is very easy to start if:

You have your own blog or website

You can prove your success through visitor statistics

You are already successful in marketing an affiliate member and you can show it to your potential customers

4. Secretarial services

Long distance secretarial services require little experience. All you need are:

- Excellent organizational skills
- Good communication skills
- Good time management
- High level of autonomy

Your daily tasks as secretaries usually include:

- Bookings
- Organizing calendars
- Answering e-mail
- Creating presentations
- Answering phone calls

5. Graphic Designer

Companies are always looking for branding that will show people what they are doing. If you can follow company guidelines and customer needs, everything you need to get started is a computer and applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator. The media types for which you will be responsible for the creation include: logos, letters, ads, magazines, information sheets.

6. Are you an expert in a particular field?

For example, you often travel, love fashion, know how to cook, sing or know how to do something particularly good, why not tell the world through blog or roles? All you need is a computer and a good quality camera. You can earn by offering an ad space or a review for specific products on your platform.

7. Writing a summary

Regardless of this experience, there are very few people who are good at writing their own biography. Individuals are willing to pay well for someone to put their personal information on paper. It will not cost you to create a scheme and publish it. A good daily salary will create itself.

8. Survey

Although you will not be enriched by completing online surveys, you can make a steady income if you sign up for multiple locations. These surveys take very little time and your net can cost you around $150. Some of the most popular survey platforms include:

- InboxDollars
- Global test market
- Harris Poll

9. Online photo sales

If you are a professional photographer or you simply have a gift for painting, you can make money from selling photos on our pages. All you need to get started is a good camera and computer. After registering on websites like and, you can set up your own website with a list of your pictures and their cost.

10. Tutoring

Have you worked as a teacher before? Do you know a foreign language? Have you studied mathematics, science, or any other subject? If so, you could teach adults and children. Signing up for this will cost you very little and you can offer your services in clients' homes.

It may seem a bit scary to leave a job that you work from 9 to 5 every day, and start a business, but if you do, you will be able to afford a newly discovered level of freedom while doing something you love. The Internet has made it easy for us to quickly and cheaply use our skills, learn some new ones and then start a new business cheaply and smoothly.

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