Make a Great Internet Marketing Campaign

Make a Great Internet Marketing Campaign
Stefan Ivanovic

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Stefan Ivanovic

Jul 20, 2019

Internet marketing is becoming one of the most important areas of business for any company. How to successfully conduct an internet marketing campaign?

In this article, I’ll will suggest seven tips for conducting a successful internet marketing campaign. Tips are simple and designed for small campaigns and businesses. Bigger ones would require much more than these seven simple tips. I hope it will be of use to you.

Promote to the right target group

The first and most important step is to define who you are talking to. Whatever you offer, there will always be some group of customers that your product best suits. Have you heard about the Pareto principle? This is the principle that 20% of customers will make 80% of the salary. That practically means that your campaign effectiveness can be very high if you find who are those 20% of customers?

How do you find this ideal target group? Figure out of the motive, desire and needs that motivate your customers to buy. For example, if you are selling software for accountants, it's clear that the target group will be all of those who will have use of your software in everyday work (bookkeepers, accounting, state institutions ...).

Lower the risk for your customers

An average buyer will never buy from you if the value he receives is not higher than the risk and fear he feels when shopping. This is particularly important on the Internet where it is not easy to determine the credibility of the bidders (products or services). There is a question of trust. How can your potential customer believe that you will fulfill what you offer? 

In this case it is very good to refer to the previous experiences of satisfied clients. If you are new, in order to gain credibility, you have to call for the credibility of the one in which your customers already trust. Find a partner who can lend you credibility and together with him, come to your customers.

Establish a monitoring system

It's very rare for a buyer to buy a product in the first contact, especially on the internet, where it is noted that the buyer only makes a purchase after seventh contact (on average). For this, you would need a monitoring system. To know precisely who you are, when, how and why you are contacted.

How to set up a monitoring system? If you do not have a huge number of contacts, set your own tasks (to contact potential customers) in a contact organization program, and often you can also use a free Google Calendar (for fewer contacts). Enter key customer contact information and record when and how to contact them. As in the ordinary world, and in virtual, persistence is the most important factor of success?

Make an offer they cannot refuse

We live in a time of abundance. The local market has become a global market. For every product or service, there are thousands of online retailers, and for some even millions of sellers. The Internet has made it possible to make it all of the same whether you are offering something from America, Europe or Asia. This is the reason to make your offer something special, to be different from others.

How do you achieve this? No matter what you are selling, consider what can all be added to your product, which new value the competition has not considered. It can be packaging, warranty, delivery time, quality of service. Do not forget to point out this in your offer. Let the customer immediately understand what he gets from it. What does your offer bring, save, which value brings it to the long run?

Know what the customer brings you in the long run

Do not think about the buyer and evaluate his value (for you) only through one purchase. Nowadays, the essence is to acquire loyal customers. Establish how much the average buyer buys for a longer period of time. What does he buy while he is your buyer?

How to evaluate the customer's longevity? You can analyze your sales statistics, but you'll have a problem at the beginning when you do not yet have information about previous sales habits. Set up (through surveys) how ready are your customers to recommend you. Create a small questionnaire and ask customers how they found you. You will know that you are on the right track when you discover a lot of recommendations.

Keep track of how you are progressing

It is extremely important to keep track of the flow of campaigns to the minutest details. The advantage of the Internet is that in a very simple way (Google Analytics) you can monitor the activity on your site for free. How many visits, how many inquiries, how many attempts to buy, how much shopping, but also those who gave up on payment, and the like. Use the potential of the Internet to gather the right information.
How to easily find out some of these factors. Create specific web pages for specific sections of the campaign and follow the activity on them. This way you will know the events in the individual steps through which your customers pass. Find out where you were successful, and where are you, where do customers usually give up? Only then can you improve what you do.

Analyze and continuously improve your campaign

As you can upgrade individual steps in your campaign, you also need to work continuously to analyze the performance of the entire campaign. Twelve years ago I was undertaking internet marketing campaigns for myself and later for my clients and one of the most important experiences from that time is that on the Internet you have to be very quick in responding. Today, the speed of response has become even more significant, especially if you know that your competitor knows this well and is ready to react very quickly to the smallest change in circumstances.

This advice is probably the most important. You must always aim for the better. If something does not work, try something else. Internet marketing is very similar to guerrilla warfare. Fast attacks, even faster withdrawals, constant innovation and great flexibility. Like in the real world and in the virtual world, you have those who have succeeded, and those who are not. Or you have sold a product or service or not. There is no second and third place in sales. Especially on the Internet where everything is played at the speed of light and where customers are always just a click away from your competition.

It is often not enough on the Internet to regularly check your competition. The problem is that your competitors regularly do it. In order to be better than the competition, you have to be innovative. You must be constantly ahead of your competition. 

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