Mobirise: A Free Platform For Creating Web Sites

Mobirise: A Free Platform For Creating Web Sites
Srdjan Kali

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Srdjan Kali

Jul 24, 2019

It allows you to create fantastic responsive sites without coding knowledge.

If by any chance, those who do not like modern technology will be asked, there would be no need to learn coding to create beautiful web sites. To their misfortune, technology is moving in the right direction, so a number of platforms for creating sites without coding knowledge every day is getting bigger.

Today, we will present one of them, Mobirise, a free platform that is based on Bootstrap, and which gives you the ability to create incredible mobile-ready sites for any kind of business.

Most sites for site design forget about the users of mobile devices, losing so much of their audience's cakes. However, Mobirise was created for mobile users. It allows you to create fantastic responsive sites without coding knowledge.

Let's go to the Mobirise function.


Mobirise is special

The first thing you should know is that Mobirise is an offline web site development platform. In translation, you download and install the application on your computer. After that, you can work on it from anywhere, and the internet connection is not required for your work. Mobirise is available for Windows, Android and OS X operating systems.

The platform works on the drag & drop model. Made on Bootstrap 3, one of the most popular ones at the moment, Mobirise gives you the ability to create any part of the site as desired. It owns WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editorial interface, so any change is a matter of moment.

A large number of design options

Mobirise is designed to create small and medium sites and is more focused on the visual side. You can choose between hundreds of design options and easily design them. Change colors, text, menus, price table, folders and more. Moreover, you are allowed to design the design of the option that suits you.

Add image or text slides, video wallpaper, contact form, Google map, image galleries, and social networking buttons, all in just a few seconds.

In addition, Mobirise offers you the ability to write articles, so you can also open a Blog section on your site.

Host your Mobirise site wherever you want

It's up to you to decide where to put your new site: to a local server, FTP or host it on Google Drive, Amazon, Github or some of the hosting providers. With Mobirise, you do not have to limit yourself to one service or service provider.


Create your own mobile-ready website

Smartphones and tablets make up a large part of our lives and it's important to consider their users when creating a site. Mobirise is the first platform to create sites that focus on mobile users.

It allows you to see how your site will look on mobile devices, landscape-oriented tablets, but also on desktop computers.

Free user support

If you have any questions or ideas, take advantage of the Mobirise platform's free support. Operators will help you solve any problems or advise you about the functionality and tools you use.


It's all up to you

Mobirise is made for small sites such as portfolios, starters or promo sites and sites, so if you need one of the above, please choose Mobirise without a doubt. As we have already emphasized, Mobirise is completely free for commercial and personal use. Do not waste your time and try it now!

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