RST Test Stand presented at K 2019

RST Test Stand presented at K 2019
GloBra / K Industries BIAX

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GloBra / K Industries BIAX

Oct 20, 2019

K industries present a test stand for its revolutionary Rope Stretch Technology at K 2019

With the completion, the Teststand Nr 3 the development of the RST (Rope Stretch Technology) reached a very important step.

As test stand 1 had been used to check and proof if ropes, in general, can be used for such purpose and under heat conditions, and test stand 2 seen here under was and is used to find out the clamping and tensioning forces to be applied on various types of film as can be seen here.

The test stand nr. 3 now applies all components in real size and allowed to get a final step forward in the development of the ropes. We now use almost undestroyable ropes made of a very special fiber originally developed for military use. These ropes do not wear at all when bent many times and under tension get extremely hard and stiff helping to best hold the film.

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