Whether the logo can be made by anyone and why not

Whether the logo can be made by anyone and why not
Srdjan Kali

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Srdjan Kali

Nov 22, 2019

"Picture says more than 1000 words", which you can see for yourself in the picture below.

The impact of a logo on your business is amazing!

However, the way you do business at home is sometimes too complicated to pay so much attention to one logo. We understand, if your goal is to start a new business, research a passion project, or test an imaginary concept, you may not think much about designing a logo. Logically, you start first by solving a key problem, which is how to make my business profitable and sustainable in the long run.

Whatever business you run, he has to compete with his niche competitors. Therefore, your business needs marketing strategies to overcome the obstacles that rivals create.

The unique logo design is perhaps the most visible element of the business.

One of the main reasons why more and more companies want to have unique logos is its usefulness in creating an impression. We all know how important it is to make a first impression on the people we meet. This is also true in business.


Some facts…

According to the study, if a business wants to develop loyalty, the first impression is incredibly important. The study found that 48% of consumers will become loyal to the brand (if they have a unique logo) after first purchasing the product.

These and many other statistics document the importance of making a first impression on consumers. Logos can help businesses in their efforts to create a first and lasting positive impact on consumers and target audiences.

Each company has a logo that represents its values ​​and attributes in the market and in public. But not all logos are capable of effectively driving people to work. Logo design usually plays a big role in marketing an organization and its business in an always competitive market.


When You Should Think About the Logo

Many people think of the design of the logo itself as something not so important and delay the investment in brand development until the last minute.

However, careful planning of every detail is crucial. Well, so does your brand logo.

Here's one fact: putting a visual in what you do revives your idea and transmits it in ways that words cannot. If delivering a fantastic product or service is a top priority, you can think of the logo as a support system to help you gain visibility, trust, and visibility with customers.

Ah, yes ... We have forgotten the most important thing - it can also help you increase your profits. How ?! Just keep reading the text.

Here's why the logo really matters to small businesses, especially early-stage ones!


Examples Why A Logo Design Is So Important For Your Organization


A logo gives your business an identity

Famous designer Paul Rand wrote, "Logo does not sell (directly) but is identified."

Remember that logos appear on all prominent marketing tools, including websites, business card design, accessories, leaflets and brochures among much other marketing collateral. With its wide presence, your target audience begins to associate your logo with the superior quality of your products and/or services. Naturally, logos remain the strongest way to build a strong brand identity.


Your brand with a logo looks more appealing

How many times have you forgotten the name of something, but can you describe what it looks like? In a world where people interact with hundreds of brands a day, you have milliseconds to grab someone's attention and stand out.

A recognizable logo facilitates this process as well as the job, as people are limited to recognizing images and using them to get meaning and stories.

According to research, our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text, or, if you find it easier, remember 80% of images (vs. 20% of text and 10% of audio).

When designing a logo, think of the person who might see it on the sign, social media ad, poster or laptop sticker - and then think about how you want it to be remembered.


A logo embodies your professionalism and builds trust with your customers

When starting a new business, your trust in others can be a challenge - be it buyers, sellers or investors.

Before a person tries out your product or service, they evaluate the appearance. Think about it, if you go to a mediocre website or you get a mediocre product, it doesn't inspire confidence, does it? You probably won't jump out of luck to buy something or contact someone for more information.

In contrast, a strong brand can inspire someone who knows nothing about your business to begin to gain confidence and interest in what you deliver. It can also help you gain loyalty over time as your business grows and gains fans.

By designing a great logo and putting it on your website and other customer-facing materials, you can start building a brand right away.

Given that 70% of companies say it is cheaper to retain an old customer than to attract a new customer, it would be a good idea to take this seriously immediately by taking all the steps that can affect trust-building. These measures can make your business more stable and profitable.


Taking a piece of cake from a competitor

A professionally designed logo design helps to attract people's attention. This is a great help in gaining a good market share in the long run. Remember that consumers associate the quality of logo design with the quality of your products or services. So a logo can be a way to have a competitive edge in the marketplace over your business rivals. All the major players in the world have a great logo for the sole purpose, which is to help them take care of their competition effectively.

This just means that your great logo design in business will be an additional factor in attracting your customers. For example, designing your goods is an impressive piece of work that you want to sell. Putting your company logo on the product will definitely attract more customers.

Keep in mind that your business logo is not just a fancy image, it is an important element of managing your business reputation. A logo is one piece that should only be created by professional graphic designers. Yes, yes... Each shade of color, font type, shape and presentation of the logo has special psychology of influence that professional designers know-how. That's the whole science!


Logo Design Is A Strategy - It's Not Just Art

Logo design is not just art - too many people make mistakes because logos are a visual object.

The role of the designer is not to design beauty ... and not to design something that he or his client likes, but instead, the logo design should be treated as a strategic business tool that will enable us to identify the company in the vast world we live in. Of course, a logo can still look good, but it should be a secondary factor when designing a logo.


How a Logo Affects Customers' Feelings

Logos are the face of a business, product or service.

When you think of a business in your mind, you often have an image of the logo right away, whether it is the golden onion of a well-known fast-food company or an apple with a bite that represents one of the favorite brands around the world.

Likewise, when you see a logo that you are familiar with, such as the Nike and Apple logo, you will instantly associate it with your memories, experiences, and interactions with the brand.


Transmit Your Company's Value And Message

Although the primary purpose of the logo is identity, it can also be used to convey important messages and brand values.

As an example, the Amazon logo design (shown below) has a smile beneath its name that conveys the happiness of receiving something you really wanted.

This positivity is enhanced by vibrant orange, a color that we personally associate with warmth, fun, and sunshine. Aside from the obvious, there is a smile that connects A to Z, which shows that they offer a wide variety of products - very clever!

As another example, the FedEx shipping company logo, while looking immediately corporate and professional, has an arrow skillfully hidden in the white space between the E ix to symbolize speed and precision.

By truly understanding the role of logos, you will be able to create stronger brand names that will be successful for your business, not just create beautiful one’s picture.

What can be seen as the end result of a logo involves understanding the brand, exploring the competition, exploring the market and their needs, as well as habits, colors, fonts, shapes that are tailored to attract, retain and remain aware of that target audience.


Logo Must Be Applicable

In order to reach its full potential, the logo/logo must be tailored to all promotional materials. What exactly does that mean? If the logo is too complicated and has too many details on it, then all the letters and all those details may look great on your computer. However, if you apply that same logo to one of your brochures somewhere in a corner where there is not too much space, it will only become a blurry stain. Not only will it not act professionally, but it can also badly affect the reputation of your business.

So, we see that a logo is much more than one thumbnail, an icon ...


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