5 Tips to Maximize Your Budget Utilization To Social Media Advertising

5 Tips to Maximize Your Budget Utilization To Social Media Advertising
Srdjan Kali

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Srdjan Kali

Nov 27, 2019

If you want to get more than your budget for advertising on social networks, try these five tips:

1. Set smart goals

Many companies start their social networking strategy without goals. If you want to show the value of your ad campaign on social networks, as well as provide guidance to your team, then you need to set specific, measurable, achievable and timely goals. They are also known as SMART targets.

For example, your business may want to gain additional likes on its Facebook page. However, if you use this statement as your goal, it is incredibly vague. You don't have a deadline or a certain number of likes you want to earn.

The better goal is “We want to earn 500 likes on our Facebook page, or 1500 in total, by January 2020.” This goal comes with a deadline and details the number of likes you want to earn. All you have to do now is to develop and launch your strategy to reach that goal.

2. Make attention-grabbing ads

On social networks, your business cannot afford to compete with its competitors. When advertising on social networks, you want to create an ad that forces users to stop and interact with your ad, whether it is a video, a photo, or a text ad.

This does not mean that your business has to abandon its branding and adopt a new visual identity. Instead, you need to think of creative ways to get your audience's attention.

If you know your audience, for example, what they want to see on social networks, you can use this information to design ad content. To get the best results, your team should come up with several options for each ad.

3. Get to Know Your

Audience Before launching your marketing campaign, research your target audience. Focusing on social media platforms that are popular, instead of confirming that your target audience is using those platforms, can result in wasted time and budget.

Audience demographics can help your team narrow down your list of potential social networks.

For example, if your audience consists of women between the ages of 18 and 29, then Instagram is a viable option. Nearly 65 percent of people in that age group use the platform. Not to mention, 50.3% of women use Instagram, making it the second most popular platform for women.

If you do not have up-to-date demographics for your audience, you can also analyze your current clients.

4. Is it necessary to do A/B testing?

It is not uncommon for companies to launch an advertising campaign on social networks and promote it regardless of the results. While this strategy can save your team time, it does not benefit your ad strategy. If you have a poorly performing ad, it will continue to perform worse if you do nothing.

Make the most of your budget for social media advertising by experimenting with your ads on social networks. You can use A/B testing to try different titles, descriptions, pictures or anything else. This feature is available on several social media platforms, including Facebook.

With A/B testing, your team can gain insight into what your audience is better at responding to. Once you understand what motivates your audience to not only click on and respond to your ad, you can create even better ads.

5. Create unique ads for each platform

Whether you want to save money or time, if you just copy and paste your ad on all social networks, this is not a good tactic for you. This strategy does not work. People use different social networking platforms for different experiences.

For example, Instagram provides a visual experience, while Twitter provides a textual one.

While it can increase your advertising costs on social networks, creating unique ads for each platform in your campaign can improve the results of your strategy. This does not mean that your ads cannot contain similar messages or images. However, they should be 100% original and different from each other.

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