What Website Testing Means for Your Marketing Strategy

What Website Testing Means for Your Marketing Strategy
John Nelson

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John Nelson

Jan 10, 2020

Your company website is a powerful marketing tool used to advertise your business, boost brand awareness, and increase revenue. However, it is only effective if it is functional and designed to run at optimal performance.


Fortunately, website testing allows you to identify ways to boost your marketing strategies, enhance your digital processes, and achieve your business goals.

With this in mind, here are the key ways that website testing can improve your marketing strategies.


Monitor website performance

Your website performance plays a key role in the overall success of your business. Website testing allows you to monitor how well your site is performing and identify ways to improve your digital processes. Luckily, many specialist companies are offering various testing services as part of their website management solutions.

According to experts at digivante.com, “Website testing can help you increase conversion rates, revenue, and customer retention in both the short and long term.” They add that testing services ensure that your brand’s image is maintained in future years, regardless of advancement in technology. You should audit your company website through regular performance testing. This will allow you to identify what is working for your business and identify opportunities for improvement.


Enhance your site security

Another key benefit of website testing is that it allows you to enhance your site security. If you are selling products online, then your site must be secure. Security testing allows you to identify any flaws in your website and take steps to improve site security. If you don’t have security systems in place, then you risk customers' sensitive information being stolen by cybercriminals. Failing to install security features is likely to harm your credibility and lead to a lower conversion rate, as customers may take their custom to more secure sites.

All companies should display an SSL Certificate on their website as part of their digital marketing strategy. An SSL Certificate will protect usernames and passwords, encrypt sensitive personal information, and protect customers' credit card data.

Having an SSL Certificate will help to build trust with new customers, and make your business appear more credible and professional.


Better understand your audience

Businesses can use website testing to better understand their audience and the usability of their website. This allows companies to adapt their marketing strategies to suit their target audience and drive traffic to their site. You can run user testing to discover how customers perceive your brand, what makes them convert, and where your company stands in comparison to your competitors. Having this valuable insight will allow you to devise marketing strategies to enhance your brand image and gain a competitive edge in your industry. All businesses should be running user testing to help them improve their marketing strategies through a better understanding of their customers.



In summary, website testing can be a powerful tool used to enhance your marketing strategies, boost conversion rates, and increase growth and sales within your business. There is a wide range of website testing services available to give you insight into different features of your site performance. Make sure that you take advantage of this technology to enhance your digital marketing efforts.

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