GLBrain raising online community management to totally new levels

GLBrain raising online community management to totally new levels

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Mar 13, 2020

Professional management of online communities has become really essential on all levels of our society. Normal webpages and sharing and communicating through social networks cannot offer what GLBrain does.



What means the professional management of online communities?

Just communication as offered by social networks by far is not enough to manage online communities in a professional way. It is part of the online community management but just for the part of communication.

A technical concept allowing scalability, privacy, and data control, as well as trust and transparency, is mandatory and had to be developed.

Based on this technical concept GLBrain offers basic functionalities for all users on different levels for presentation, content creation and sharing, online marketing, and communication.


Please see this video here for a first information


What is the technical basis of GLBrain?

A chain-code, hyper-chain, and blockchain-based relational database allowing all kinds of online communities from private to business to large other communities to manage their communities in a safe and professional way still integration all other media and social networks.

For more information about the technical concept please click here


What GLBrain offers to whom?

Basic community management functionalities to all users combined with specific solutions for specific communities all based on these modules


 1. Professional Online Presentation

The user can present himself and create and publish online content which he can share within GLBrain and across all other social networks. Perfect for private users, business communities, and professional communities including also an online shop.


 2. Content

Creating and sharing content is very important within all communities. Every user can create and publish professional content and publish on a global or country-based level. Such content once published can be shared across all other social networks leading back when clicked to his profile on GLBrain.


 3. Online Marketing

Within local communities, online marketing is very essential. GLMall is the ideal tool all integrated within GLBrain. The users having a professional profile also have access to their own online shop and may offer and sell on 4 different levels of Products, Services, Jobs, and Real Estate. All their offerings can be converted to banners and shown to all content selected by categories and geography. Again all can be shared through all other social networks bringing a click back to the online shop.

In Cooperation with GAMB, Power to the merchants we first time realized also a crypto payment system to be used in e-commerce, free of transaction cost and 300 times faster than Etherium.

For more information about GLMall click here.


 4. Communication

Communication within the community can be done in a totally private way through GLBrain MyLife. All content including private messaging and postings can be read in all languages of the world.

For more information about communication on GLBrain please click here.


5. Community Management

All community management functions are integrated into the personal user profile and can be seen and used only by the user himself






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