The technical basis of GLBrain

The technical basis of GLBrain

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Mar 22, 2020

The technical basis of GLBrain had to be developed from scratch as there was the need to cover totally new fields allowing us to use a relational database concept in the open field of online communities and the Internet.


What was the technical challenge?

Management systems for industrial communities are available by large players like SAP. They are based on a concept based on relational databases built and customized for such communities. Here scalability, privacy, and data security are no real problems as the technical infrastructure of the relational database used is built for and operated by the one managing his closed community.

When it comes to managing online communities scaleability and privacy and total data control are mandatory and in addition trust and transparency to be added. The use of relational databases is mandatory but difficult to handle especially regarding scalability in the open space of the internet and its open communities.

The solution which had been developed in two years of a development project with a university was to apply ledger technology within a relational database. 

For those interested the related patent application can be viewed here:


1. Chain - Code Technology

It is the basis of the technical concept and allows all users to enter their information and data on all levels of GLBrain and to basically link these data blocks to data chains and so decide what other users within or outside his community can see what of his data.

This technology also solves the issue of scalability of the platform as the users do not need to operate within the database but just trigger the chains to see what they are allowed to see.


2. Hyper - Chain Technology

Based on the chain-codes we were able to build bow standard community management solutions for all users as well as standard and customized industry solutions.


3. Blockchain Technology

As our chain-codes and hyper-chains are already a ledger technology linking data blocks to data chains the translation to a blockchain is just the last but very important step as it adds in an environment where the user is in total control of his data and can change and delete them whenever he wants the much-needed attributes of trust and transparency when it comes to certifications and business transactions within a community. GLBrain uses the Skyfiber technology offering lots of advantages compared to other blockchain technologies.

Please see here more details about our Skyfiber Blockchain solution


For more information please see this video here:


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