GAMB AMA Presentation

GAMB AMA Presentation
GAMB Power to the Merchants

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GAMB Power to the Merchants

May 1, 2021

GAMB is holding a life AMA on the last working day of every month. Here all questions raised are answered and all updates on the project published.


All AMA's are published here

the last one always showing first


1. AMA Mpril 30st, 2021

All answers to questions raised and all updates on the project were given by the team.

The following main subjects were covered:

- Listing and exchange questions

- Integration of Gambio and othe shop providers

- Status of the integration of GMB as payment coin in GLMall

- Marketing activities by GLMall

- Marketing activities for the GMB

- Website updates

- General update of the project and its roadmap 


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