Selling in Crypto (GMBT) on the GAMB Marketplace

Selling in Crypto (GMBT) on the GAMB Marketplace
GAMB Power to the Merchants

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GAMB Power to the Merchants

Aug 11, 2021

Merchants who establish or connect an existing online shop to GLMall, are now able to sell their products and services using GMBT, a transaction free parallel coin to the GMB.


The possibilities of GAMB, GLBrain, and GLMall


1. The GLMall Marketplace basic information

GLMall is a regionally organized online marketplace. Merchants decide which geographical region their offers and advertising banners will show. Additional options for payment and product delivery options along with efficient auto-translation makes online shoping even simpler.



The GAMB GLMall marketplace is ideal for regional Merchants who are looking for a simple online shop solution. More details about GLMall are in the tutorial below and the link here in our GLMall Tutorial.

With the integration of online shop portals like Gambio, GLMall also offers a professional online shop solution. Operators of an integrated online shop like Gambio can link this with their GLMall account, to automatically mirror their offers and keep them in sync.
The offers can be organized quickly within GLMall as well as distributed, found, and advertised efficiently using the various special tools offered through our system. Clicking the offer on GLMall automatically links to the product offered in the contected online shop and initiate the purchase within the external onlineshop environment.


2. Crypto Payments on the GAMB GLMall Marketplace

In cooperation with GAMB Power to the Merchants, it is now possible to execute day-to-day e-commerce in Crypto.


3. GLMall and GLBrain offer a lot of innovative marketing features


3.1. Content Marketing, the information portal

Marketing is no longer just about what you sell; it's about the story you tell" - Seth Godin.

GLBrain offers an interactive user profile for this. Every merchant can publish content free of charge and share it with their online community and across all social networks. Here the merchats can showcase their products and unique features, insert videos and connect them to other external online shop or specific offers. In addition, merchants can connect with and win new customers as well as follow them ensuring that their customers recieve updates on new deals. Please follow this link for more detailed information.


3.2. Banner advertising

Within the GLMall profile, under the menu "Create Banner" or "Advertise Business," you can create advertising banners for individual products as well as your online shop and display them for selected content categories.


3.3. Integration of all social networks

Merchants can efficiently distribute created content and all associated advertising banners across all social networks. A unique technical set up ensures that this content and thus the author's profile and his online shop appear high up in search engines such as Google.


4. Customer management and communication

GLBrain and GLMall enable direct professional customer management.


4.1. Your social network

Customers can follow the GLBrain profile of the online shop operator and receive all new content directly in their GLBrain inbox. But you can also connect as "friends" making direct contact in the sense of a private social network of the shop operator.

More information in can be found in this tutorial.

Please follow this link for more info on GLBrain Communication possibilities.


4.2. Direct communication in GLMall

In GLMall, every buyer can communicate directly with the Merchant for questions about the product on the product level or questions about the online shop at the shop level.
The automatic translation of all content also works for direct customer communication at the product or shop level, so everyone writes and reads in their language!



Everything is in full compliance with the European Data Protection Directive, as the chain code technology used allows messages and communication only as a "pull action" by the user and in no case active "push actions" by the shop operator.

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