Affiliate Marketing on GLMall - Crypto Collaborations

Affiliate Marketing on GLMall - Crypto Collaborations
GAMB Power to the Merchants

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GAMB Power to the Merchants

Aug 11, 2021

Merchants selling for crypto (GMBT) on the GLMall Marketplace can choose to hire affiliates to help sell their products and services. Affiliates can earn their commission directly at point of sale, straight into their GMBT wallet.


The GLMall Affiliate Marketing System

GLMall has developed a unique affiliate system to help merchants sell their products and services on the GLMall Marketplace.

This will revolutionize online and social media marketing and allow all affiliates to directly earn commissions into their wallets by advertising selected offers.

All offers are marked with a GMBT Icon when offered with crypto payment. If a special crypto discount is involved this shows above the icon in red. If the Merchant chooses to also allow affiliates to help sell, a specific collaboration Icon will show on the down left side of the offer.



1. Merchants

Merchants can decide to use the affiliate system to help to sell their products and services. This can be added in the Merchants Shop admin panel where he/she can select to which offers qualify for the system.


2. Agents 

Affiliates can register and filter all products and services available in their area and help to promote them through personal contacts or via their social media.

On their overview page, they can connect and see their GMBT wallet into which they will receive their commission and an affiliate code.

Affiliates are also able to recruit friends and other affiliates to promte products by sharing a sign up link. Once another agent registered using this link he/she becomes part of the inviting agents affiliate tree but now recieving additional commision form sales generated from his recruited affiliate.

Upon closing a deal on any of the 3 levels the affiliate will get his commission of 6% for the first level, 4% for the second level, and 2 % on the 3rd level direct upon the transfer of the Price in GMBT to the Merchant. Merchants and affiliates are only connected through a smart agreement and the blockchain. For details please check the terms.


Once registered as an affiliate they can see, filter, and add offers they want to advertise in their communities and add them to their Agent's offers.

On their agent admin pannel they now can manage all the offers they want to be an agent for and share these offers from there to their communities. All offers distributed will carry the link of the Agent and grant automatically the commission in GMBT upon concluding the deal.

 Now Agents may share the offer they want to promote directly through their GLBrain account by clicking on the header or copying the link to share directly with their social networks.

Any deal executed from this link will automatically share the commission as agreed in the Terms on all levels of the MLM tree to the wallets of all agents involved.




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