Buy GMBT direct with Crypto or Fiat

Buy GMBT direct with Crypto or Fiat
GAMB Power to the Merchants

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GAMB Power to the Merchants

Aug 11, 2021

GMBT, the token to be used on the GAMB Marketplace on GLMall, can be swapped from GMB or purchased directly with BTC, ETH, or Fiat

GMBT is the parallel token to GMB to purchase products or services in crypto on the GAMB Marketplace integrated with GLMall.

1. GMBT can be purchased directly by swapping from GMB or using BTC or ETH to purchase directly on the


               GAMB Swapping Gateway


2. GMBT can also be purchased directly with Fiat 

Users registered on GLBrain / GLMall can use the link " Buy GMBT"  or click this link here:

                                               BUY GMBT 

These features will help users of GMBT to purchase direct and swap back to GMB when needed.


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