GLMall – the new Decentralized Online Marketplace – Let’s get down to business!

GLMall – the new Decentralized Online Marketplace – Let’s get down to business!
GAMB Power to the Merchants

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GAMB Power to the Merchants

Mar 28, 2023

Selling in crypto in a safe, transparent and flexible way is now possible for sellers who believe in the power of the blockchain and the future of decentralized e-commerce. New possibilities, new customers and new revenue streams is what drives the future of online business on GLMall.

GLMall is the first online marketplace of its kind that bridges the gap between crypto as an asset and crypto as a day-to-day currency. To do this GLMall has developed a proprietary system based on an early fork of the Bitcoin blockchain called “SkyFiber” which allows for highly efficient transaction speed at no cost to the buyer. For a more in-depth read on GLMall’s blockchain and how it works, please check out this article.

In this brief, we want to focus on our merchants and what it is that GLMall offers to their business, but let’s start at the beginning and establish a baseline.

Over the last few years giants like Shopify have created crypto payment options for their buyers and sellers. It is important to note that while they have implemented it, they haven’t solved some of the major problems like gas fees, they simply decided to swallow them. While that is a fair approach in the short term, it does not “fix” the problems that buyers will face in the long run since gas fees will always be present with on chain transactions, or will they?

GLMall has set out to fix these issues and remove some of the common stumbling blocks for buyers and sellers through creating a highly flexible decentralized ecosystem within the GLMall platform. In short, we want to be able to offer Merchants as well as Buyers purchase and payout options that suit their needs. It doesn’t always have to be all or nothing.

To do so, GLMall has categorized its Merchants into 3 distinct types based on type of online shop, number of products and/or desired payout structure.


1. Native GLMall Merchant

 This type of merchant creates and operates his/ her online shop exclusively on GLMall and uses any of the platform’s integrated crypto payment solutions to sell products on the marketplace.


2. Integrated Merchants

This type of merchant integrates his WooCommerce online shop through the API, mirroring his/her external online shop onto GLMall. This merchant can enable any or all of his/her offers to be purchased in crypto directly on the GLMall platform OR can direct GLMall buyers back to his WooCommerce shop to execute the deal in fiat.


3. Customized Enterprise Merchant

This type of merchant can either be native or integrated but is considered a special enterprise merchant who can sell their products in fiat on GLMall while getting paid out in either Crypto or Fiat based on the special merchant agreement terms.

All these merchants will be able to purchase a listing subscription package to accommodate the number of offers he/she wants to set live for sale on the platform.
Fun Fact: Merchants can also keep earned coins in the anticipation that the price of the GMB will rise in value and eventually make profit when swapping it back to GMB and selling it on the exchanges.


GLMall Subscription Packages:

Based on the above merchant types, we have developed 3 subscription levels for GLMall merchants to choose from based on their individual needs.

1. Start-Up (Free): Up to 99 product offers live on the platform, merchant only gets paid out in GMBT.
2. Professional: 249 USD per year up to 249 product offers live on the platform, merchant only gets paid out in GMBT.
3. Enterprise: 499 USD per year for up to 999 products live on the platform


Want to set up your GLMall Crypto shop today?

Go to to create an account and follow these simple steps to set up your shop:

1. Create an account on GLMall
2. Go to “start selling” located in the header
3. Follow the shop set up flow & download your wallet
4. Create your first listings!
5. Start selling in GMBT!


Want to integrate your existing WooCommerce shop on GLMall? Follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to your WooCommerce account
2. Download the GLMall plug in
3. Create a GLMall account
4. Install the GLMall plug in
5. At this point your products will be showing in your shop and link back to your WooCommerce shop for purchase.
6. To activate your shop as a GLMall crypto shop, click on “Activate Crypto Shop” in the “My Crypto” section of your GLMall profile to enable your products to be sold in GMBT.
7. You can select as many of your products to be sold in GMBT in the “listings” sections of your Admin panel by enabling “allow GMBT” for your poducts.
8. Start selling!



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