Advantages and disadvantages of the most popular social networks

Advantages and disadvantages of the most popular social networks
Boris Jelenkovic

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Boris Jelenkovic

Jul 23, 2013

Social or social networks are now the most popular form of Internet communication. The social structure made ​​up of individuals called "nodes" linked to specific types of interdependency, such as vision, ideas, friendship, financial interests, common interests, confidence, knowledge and prestige. Of course, everything has its advantages and weaknesses, including družtvene network. We have selected the most popular and made ​​a short review.


The most popular social network in the world. Has over 800 million registered users.
Benefits: In addition to finding "long lost" friends, opportunities for rapid communication and publication of daily activities on the wall, the only advantage of the social network are more Like page (page - an opportunity for free advertising), the group and the ability to send pdf and word files.
Disadvantages: Poor user security and complexity. Specifically, in order to protect from unwanted observers profile, you must perform a series of security procedures, such as: friends sharing in groups, labeling policy status, etc.. Also, each of your acceptance of open applications (what a button "Allow" or "Allow" to all mechanically pressure) allows easy access to your data that you have on your profile.


Advantages: quick sharing, short and simple information, pictures and links. There is not anything overly fields for personal information, which is a plus for the safety of users. Unlike most social networks, the Twitter posts of other users can only see ukliko click "follow" on the profile. To set the tweets that you do not need a lot of time.
Disadvantages: There is no quick communication, or "chat". How would your posts be easier to search, you must add the "hashtag" (# imehashtag) that enables the alignment of tweets by topic. Safety is at a minimum.


Advantages: Created as the largest business network, to connect with a variety of companies and schools. Within this network, you can access a variety of groups in which you can discuss with other ljudmi about their interests. Also known as "Facebook for business". As a business network, security, compared to other social networks at a high level.
Disadvantages: No entertainment, and needs you to invest a lot of time. Complexity.


Benefits: Share your own skills on the internet. In a fun and easy way others can present their artwork and talents. It is necessary to make a mediocre amount of time. Pictures can be sorted by topic. Security is almost not necessary if you use pinterest strictly for marketing purposes.
Disadvantages: There are not many opportunities for communication among users.


Benefits Communication and sharing within circles, "hangout" feature - video chat within the group, control posts. There needs to be osrendju amount of time.
Disadvantages: Another social network that is trying to catch up with Facebook. Entertainment is rather poor. Security is not her strong suit, and most social networks.


Advantages: Small business platform for blogging. Quickly and easily shared information with other users. Fun at a high level. I can post pictures, video files, text and status.
Disadvantages: Limited editing profiles over time lose the ability to track posts. We need to invest a lot of time.

We will all agree that, at a general level, the biggest drawback of social networks is that they understand just as fun, and the time spent on them is higher than you think. Because detract too much attention, and because our lives are increasingly reduced to the same, we often forget to what is important - family and friends. Our advice is that the next time you sit down with a friend or another cup of coffee, instead of spending hours in front of the computer.

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