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Empowering the People of Today to own the Future of Tomorrow.

Turning Ideas into Reality.

This innovative new social network has been created to provide today's online generation with the tools to shape the future. To do this we have developed a network that is based on complete data control but yet completely integrated with the world wide web. GLBrain’s mission is to give everyone a voice and the tools to turn today’s ideas into tomorrow's reality.

GLBrain is a content based network that offers integrated communication functions alongside a fully integrated and newly configured online shop. These tools provide a completely new way of online interaction. GLBrain is a safe yet highly integrated network for everybody who is searching for a secure place to manage private as well as corporate connections. The unique statistically configured database guarantees total privacy and online data security.

GLBrain is the content based part of the network which offers new and innovative features to create, publish and share content. It also enables users to follow or friend favorite authors, create and/or follow movements or votes of all kind. These functions enable all users to interact and share their vision of tomorrow in a unique and highly interactive way which makes it the ideal platform to make this world a better place.

In the MyBrain section users are able to manage all content, their community as well as any profile and mall space purchases made on GLBrain.

MyLife is the private/social communication function of the network which is completely data secure and free of any advertising. It is used to share posts and messages with friends and to share them on other social networks. MyLife is created like an online feed for easy mobile use and access.

GLMall is the first fully integrated online mall concept which offers online market space across four “Floors”; Products, Services, Real Estate and Jobs. It allows private users as well as businesses to offer products or services in a very distinct and geographically focused way. By allowing private users and small business to equally participate in online commerce, it opens up access to a new online market segment giving small/local markets a chance to compete in the corporately dominated online market.

Content, posts, profiles, and everything offered in GLMall can be shared through any existing social network and/or email, making GLBrain a great network for safely and efficiently creating and managing online connections.

GLBrain the new social network created to empower the people of today to own the future of tomorrow and to make this world a better place.

The GLBrain Team

GLBrain structures content in Colour Brains und Categories:

Green Brain

Ecology, Resources, Food, Personal Well-being and Health

Resource and Energy

Infrastructure, Trafic, Logistics

Waste and Packaging

Food, Food Production

General Environment

Nature and Wildlife


Sports and Fitness

Vacation and Leisure

Restaurants, Wine & Dine

Hair & Beauty

Other Green Brain Issues

Red Brain

Business, Politics, Lobbies, Finances and Commercial Issues

Financial Institutions


Industries, Companies

Non-Profit Organizations

Direct and Fair Trade

Donations and Funding

The World Wide Web


Consumer Protection

Investment and Finances

Living Space Rent and Buy

Other Red Brain Issues

Blue Brain

Social, Human Rights, Art and Culture, Sports and Lifestyle

Poverty and Human Rights

Job, Work and Social Security

Social Responsibility, Justice


Education and Science

Art and Culture



Architecture and Interior Design

Motor Vehicles

Music, Video, Movie

Other Blue Brain Issues

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