GLBrain +

The GLBrain + system offers specific solutions for specific communities creating agents and Merchants relationships, all based on our revolutionary chaincode, hyperchain and blockchain technology. Here we share our revenue with all users who bring their communities to GLBrain, offer unique solutions to Bloggers to share our revenue from advertising and offer specific marketplace solutions to dedicated groups for now in rural India.


Profit sharing

Every Agent has his own Promo Code that he/she can share with all his community. This Promo Code can be distributed and entered manually or distributed asa link the user can use to register or entered and safed by users who are already registered on GLBrain. The Promo Code is unique for every GLBrain+ Agent. A user can only enter this code once and linking permanent to the Agent whos code he used. If he decides to become an agent himself he will start his own MLM tree and not be part of another Agents tree.

Become a GLBrain+ Agent

To become a GLBrain+Agent, the user has to declare what country he/she operates from and to accept "Special Terms of Use for the GLBrain+System". With this easy step he gets his own Promo Code and becomes an Agent. All other users / customers he can convince to use this Promo code are permanently linked to him. From all purchases of those customers and further customers on 5 levels the Agent gets the set percentage as income. The Agent will remain a GLBrain+Agent as long as the conditions as laid out in the "Special Terms of Use for the GLBrain+System" Article 3 apply and or are fulfilled by him.


In the Overview, the Agent can see all his earning in real time and if this earning comes from normal customers or Agents within his tree. Level 1 are customers who used the Agents Promo Code. Level 2 are customers that used Promo Code of his Agents and so forth to the 5th level.


In his Community tab the GLBrain+Agent can see how big his/here network is. For all levels the total number of users of the tree and Agents/Customers are shown. Here the Agent can also see all users that generated earnings for him with names and links to their profile. Users that are also working as GLBrain+Agent so adding to his chain levels are labeled as "AGENT".


Earnings will be calculated at the beginning of the following month and payment will be done until 15th of this month against a credi tnote raised By GLBrain. If opted for VAT payment the credit note will include the VAT applicable. Effecting payment is subject to minimum amounts reached which at present is the net price for a professional profile in a country. In case this minimum amount is not reached the amount due will be carried forward to the next month and paid once the minimum amount has accumulated.


In the Setting Function the GLBrain+Agent shall define the way to receive his comission and if applicable in certain countries declare if he opts for invoicing including or not including VAT. All GLBrain+Agents may use PayPal or other country specific payment options if offered by GLBrain.

Become GLBrain+Seller

GLBrain+Sellers can use the GLBrain+Agents Network to sell the goods and services they offer in GLMall. After having activated their GLMall account and uploaded their offers to their GLMall Store, they can apply to become accepted as a GLBrain+Agent. Sellers have to fill all neccesary bank details where they want to receive the money for items they sold. This can be either Paypal or local bank details. Further the GLBrain+ Seller has to provide all tax and other needed details of the country they operate in. After having accepted the Terms and Consditions and being accepted by the Local Partner, the Seller can start also to advertise his products and services and his online business by using all possibilities offered by GLBrain and GLMall like writing Opinions or Banner Advertising and sharing to other social networks.

Searching GLBrain+Products and Services

Upon approval by the Local Partner, the GLBrain+Seller oerates an active GLBrain+Seller Account. From then all products and services offered in GLMall can be filtered by all GLBrain+Agents in the search function by "show GLBrain+Products only". This way GLBrain+Agents will always see all products and services available in the georgafic area of their activity. At the same time they can be sure to get the commission due to them once a business has been executed, as the Seller has agreed and the Local Partner will pay the GLBrain+Agent's commission before transferring the purchase price to the Seller.

Buying GLBrain+Products and Services

The Buyer after having selected the item to be purchased will enter the Promo Code of the GLBrain+Agent who convinced him to buy this item and his shipping address. He may also use the GLBrain+Agent to help him with the transaction by effecting electronic payment or the further steps towards executing the business.

Order Status

By effecting the payment the order becomes active and both Buyer and Seller can follow and confirm the necessary steps of the execution of the order. They also can use the integrated messaging system in GLMall to communicate in case of any disturbances. The necessary obligations of all parties involved and their legal and financial consequences are explained and have been accepted in the Terms and Conditions by all poarties involved in the transaction.

Payment to Seller

The Seller can follow all steps of all his transactions and after final execution of each single business the Seller will see on his account such finished transactions. Payment for all such transactions during one calendar months will be effected within the first 2 weeks of the following month, after deducting the Lodal Partner's and GLBrain+Agents commission. This commission is always minimum 8 % for the Local Partner's services and maximum 20 % in case a promo code of GLBrain+Agents is used for a transaction on all 3 levels adding up to a maximum of 12 %.

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