GLMall and ATHENA BITCOIN join forces to expand crypto payments into global E-commerce

GLMall and ATHENA BITCOIN join forces to expand crypto payments into global E-commerce
GAMB Power to the Merchants

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GAMB Power to the Merchants

Jul 26, 2022

Dubai, Internet City (July 26, 2022) – Today GLOBRA and one of the biggest names in crypto payments, ATHENA BITCOIN, announce a new integration enabling millions of online buyers and sellers to utilize their crypto coins to make purchases on the world’s first decentralized e-commerce marketplace called GLMall, without any fees, lightning fast and more secure than ever before.

First founded in 2013, amid major controversies around data privacy across the major social networks, GLOBRA had a vision to give data privacy and control back to the user by developing a new online platform based on blockchain technology. Today, GLOBRA offers this and much more to its users on the world’s first decentralized e-commerce platform called GLMall. Some of the key features of GLMall include providing users complete ownership of their data, and a proprietary parallel token technology between a listed ERC-20 token the “GMB” and its transaction cost free parallel clone called the “GMBT”, the native crypto currency of GLMall. These unique features enable GLMall to facilitate inclusive and safe decentralized e-commerce while building the next generation of online business on the blockchain.

The Chicago based company ATHENA BITCOIN shares a similar vision for its customers and is dedicated to building open financial systems to serve the global community through increased access, transparency, and opportunity. The ATHENA BITCOIN team not only has a shining resume including the task to build El Salvador’s Chivo wallet system, but it is also one of the first crypto payment providers helping the unbanked customer base in Central and South America to participate in e-commerce. Furthermore, ATHENA BITCOIN is the market leader in providing customers easy access to crypto currency through a fleet of 250+ ATMs allowing anyone to sell and purchase coins securely with physical cash across thirteen states in the US as well es in El Salvador, Argentina, and Colombia.

Through this integration, Athena Bitcoin is providing their innovative crypto payment solution, instantly supporting millions of online buyers to purchase goods and services on GLMall through six additional crypto wallets including Dash, Bitcoin, Horizon, Bitcoin Lightning, Bitcoin on chain and Chivo Wallet. Through GLMall’s proprietary parallel chain protocol, the platform can offer these additional payment options free of charge to buyers while maintaining the same decentralized safety standards of GLMall’s native parallel token the GMBT.

By being bold and innovative GLOBRA is providing a new way of doing online business while even including those communities and individuals who were unable to participate in e-commerce to date, due to the constraints and requirements of outdated centralized systems. Unbanked individuals with no access to bank accounts or credit cards are now able to be active participants in e-commerce of the future. High inflation countries whose local currency fluctuations diminishes profits before they can even be realized are now able to do business on their terms, independent from the centralized structures of the past.

Together with likeminded partners, GLOBRA continues to deliver accessible, inclusive, and powerful e-commerce tools, empowering innovative crypto payments solutions in an industry that has been missing out on true positive change and disruption in years.

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